Older people 'burden on society'

Many elderly people feel they are stereotyped, ignored and a burden on society, according to a new report.

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'Element of blame' with the media for elderly stereotypes

Pensioners' rights campaigner Ros Altmann told Daybreak that there is an "element" of blame within the media for creating the idea that youth is what matters.

She said: "Those who make adverts, those who tend to make television programmes are much younger.

"The reality is that those people like us who have reached later life are now living well and healthily in a way that previous generations of those ages didn't, we've made tremendous advances in health and lifestyle."


Older people 'huge amount' to give back to society

The fact that, as a society, we are living longer is a wonderful thing but the challenges that this brings with it has led to older people being seen as a burden.

This report lays out what many of us already know: that older people have a huge amount to give back to society and we should harness that expertise and enthusiasm to make services better for older people by involving them more in decision making.

– David McCullough, Royal Voluntary Service

Older people left feeling 'ignored and a burden'

Many older people feel ignored and are rarely consulted about services which impact on their lives, according to a new report. The study of 700 people over the age of 65 reveals that most fear they are a burden on society.

The report was carried out by Brunel University, De Montfort University and the Royal Voluntary Service Credit: Press Association
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