California gay union ban lifted

Gay marriage can resume immediately in California after an appeals court on Friday lifted an injunction preventing the unions.

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Supreme Court petitioned to re-impose California gay marriage ban

Opponents of gay marriage petitioned the US Supreme Court on Saturday to immediately reinstate a 5 year old ban on same-sex matrimony in California that was lifted a day earlier by a federal appeals court.

Supporters of the gay marriage ban known as Proposition 8, which California voters approved in 2008, asked the high court to overrule a 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals order that lifted an injunction barring same-sex unions.


Judge 'acted prematurely' in allowing gay marriages

David Baker, 24, of Phoenix, Arizona, celebrates outside the Supreme Court Credit: Pete Marovich/ABACA/Press Association

Lawyers acting on behalf of the sponsors of California's same-sex marriage ban say that a judge acted 'prematurely' in allowing the weddings to take place.

Senior Counsel Austin Nimocks, for the Arizona based Alliance Defending Freedom group, said it was "unfair" that the unions were being allowed to take place, while Supreme Court justices were still considering the case.

The group has the right to ask a judge to reconsider their decision, that Proposition 8's backers did not have the legal authority to defend the ban, over the next 22 days.

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