Tories plan marriage tax break

The Prime Minister has revealed that plans for a tax break for married couples will be introduced "shortly" in a move to head off a revolt by Tory backbenchers. The policy was in the Conservative manifesto, but will face Liberal Democrat opposition.

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Tax break would 'discriminate against some families'

Julianne Marriott, campaign director of Don't Judge My Family, has said that the proposal of a tax break for married couples favours families with "a breadwinner and a homemaker".

Last week the Government announced £11.5bn of cuts, but this week they can find half a billion pounds for a marriage tax allowance to promote their fantasy 50s family, that's a married couple with a breadwinner and a homemaker.

It's out of step with modern families who come in all shapes and sizes and discriminates against families with single parents, widows and widowers, couples who both work and couples who chose not to marry.

– Julianne Marriott, Don't Judge My Family

Clegg dispelled tax break as 'patronising drivel'

Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Credit: Matt Cardy/PA Wire

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has previously ridiculed the idea of a tax break for married couples as "patronising drivel that belong in the Edwardian age".

The coalition agreement spells out that Liberal Democrat MPs can abstain on a plan to recognise marriage in the tax system.


What did the Tories pledge on a marriage tax break?

A tax break for married couple was part of the Conservative manifesto for the 2010 general election. Under the heading 'Reform tax and benefits to help families and pensioners' in said:

Today, Labour’s tax and benefits system rewards couples who split up. a Conservative government will end the couple penalty for all couples in the tax credit system as we make savings from our welfare reform plans.

We will recognise marriage and civil partnerships in the tax system in the next Parliament. This will send an important signal that we value couples and the commitment that people make when they get married.

– conservative party manifesto 2010

Tories to unveil plans for marriage tax break 'shortly'

Married couples could be in line for a tax break Credit: Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

The Prime Minister has said that plans for a tax break for married couples will be introduced "shortly" in a move to head off a revolt by Tory backbenchers.

The move may placate David Cameron's restive MPs but will highlight divisions over the policy with his Liberal Democrat coalition partners.

Tory backbencher Tim Loughton has launched a rebel bid to force a Commons vote on the issue but the Prime Minister urged Tory MPs to let the Government "get on with it" instead.

It is understood the plans will be put forward by ministers in the autumn.

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