Murray downplays knighthood

Andy Murray has told ITV News his historic Wimbledon victory "shouldn't be deserving of a knighthood", but admitted that he would not turn one down. David Cameron fuelled speculation by proclaiming: "I can't think of anyone who deserves one more."

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Wimbledon victory celebrated by newspapers

The Times Newspaper have produced a special wrap around cover to commemorate Murray's win Credit: The Time News Paper

Murray's Wimbledon triumph has been lauded in today's newspapers, and many have been speculating that he will be awarded a knighthood. The Times dubbed him 'The History Boy' and produced a special wrap around edition of the paper to commemorate his win.

The Independent headline simply reads: Champion Credit: The Independent

The Independent headline read simply 'Champion' and whilst its sports section read:

"It was an astonishing end to an astonishing day. Andy Murray secured his lifetime's ambition by winning a final game of nerve shredding drama yesterday that summed up an unforgettable Wimbledon final, full of stunning tennis and with more plot twists than an Alfred Hitchcock thriller."

Murray's grandparents: 'There was a dance in the living room'

Andy Murray's maternal grandparents Roy and Shirley Erskine were unable to travel to Wimbledon to watch his historic victory due to injury, so watched the match from their home in Dunblane. They said they were delighted by his win, and paid tribute to their daughter's efforts. Mr Erskine said:

"There was a dance done in the living room. We just thought it was great, wonderful. We're very proud and pleased for his sake but also for Judith, his mother. She has worked her socks off to help get him where he is."

Speaking to ITV News they said this was the first year they had not travelled to Wimbledon to see their grandson, and speculated to they may have been the "jinx."


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