Royal Mail sell-off unveiled

Business Secretary Vince Cable is announcing the flotation of Royal Mail which will mean people will be able to buy shares in the company. Members of the Communication Workers Union overwhelmingly oppose the scheme.

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Govt: Royal Mail needs 'commercial freedom' to thrive

The Royal Mail needs the "commercial freedom" of the private sector to thrive, the government argued today.

Ministers have insisted that universal, six-day-a-week deliveries are guaranteed but despite the share "giveaway" to workers, the unions are opposed to privatisation calling it an "utterly reckless gamble".


Umunna outlines Labour opposition to Royal Mail sale

Chuka Umunna has outlined Labour opposition to the privatisation of Royal Mail.

Speaking in the Commons, he said: "Maintaining the Royal Mail in public ownership gives the tax payer an on-going direct interest in the maintenance of the universal postal service in this country.

Chuka Umunna outlines Labour opposition to the privatisation of Royal Mail. Credit: ITV News

"It helps safeguard the vital link the Royal Mail has with the Post Office and it ensures the tax-payer gets the share in the upside of modernisation and increased profits that Royal Mail delivers."

BCC: Royal Mail service must be maintained after sale

Royal Mail provides a vital service for businesses across the UK. This service must be maintained regardless of the company’s future ownership structure.

Many services currently delivered by the public sector can be delivered effectively and efficiently by private companies. In the case of Royal Mail, the key is to ensure that privatisation delivers value-for-money to the taxpayer, and maintains the universal service obligation that sustains both businesses and individuals alike.

– Dr Adam Marshall from the British Chambers of Commerce


Royal Mail will 'still be UK's universal service' after sale

Business Secretary Vince Cable says there are "various myths" that need rebutting concerning the Royal Mail sell-off.

Business Secretary Vince Cable addresses the House of Commons. Credit: ITV News

He told The Commons: "Contrary to what is being claimed, after a sale, Royal Mail will still be the UK's universal service provider. This includes services to urban and rural areas and free services to the blind."

CWU: Govt 'deluded' over Royal Mail sale

Dave Ward, the CWU's deputy general secretary, has predicted the privatisation of Royal Mail will mean it will fail meet the six-day-a-week universal service, which is protected in law.

He also told Today that rural areas would be "cut off" because it would be unprofitable to deliver to remote communities.

The Government are absolutely deluded if they believe that by privatising Royal Mail it is going to secure the long-term success of the company and the future of the UK postal service.

– CWU general secretary Dave Ward
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