Ban on packed lunches urged

Head teachers in England are being urged to ban packed lunches to increase the take-up of school dinners and promote healthy eating, following a report from the School Food Plan.

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Jamie Oliver congratulates School Food Plan authors

Jamie Oliver, who campaigned against unhealthy meals like the Turkey Twizzler, has congratulated Leon founders Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent on their School Food Plan:


Yorkshire mum: Lunch always has two of their 5-a-day

Yorkshire mum Sarah Mortimer writes: "This is an example of my son and daughter's packed lunch.

"We alternate white and brown bread, and sometimes swap the chocolate bar for crisps. They always have two of their 5-a-day in their lunchbox".

Sarah Mortimer from West Yorkshire sent in this picture of her child's packed lunch. Credit: Sarah Mortimer

It comes as the Government-commissioned School Food Plan urges headteachers to ban packed lunches, claiming they are not as nutritious as school meals.

Send a picture of your child's packed lunch to and join the debate on Facebook.


Government pledges £16.1 million for School Food Plan

The Department for Education has vowed to spend £16.1 million over the next two years as part of the School Food Plan initiative.

London Mayor Boris Johnson and Education Secretary Michael Gove join children for a bite to eat. Credit: ITV News

This includes £11.8 million towards increasing the take-up of meals, and £3.15 million to ensure healthy breakfasts are available for thousands of children who arrive at school hungry.

Teachers urged to change the food culture in schools

A Government commissioned study into school meals has urged teachers to change the food culture in schools by:

  • Lowering the price of school meals
  • Encouraging teachers to eat with children
  • Creating a stay-on-site rule for breaks and lunch time
  • Having a cashless payment system to shorten queuing time
  • Banning packed lunches
  • Offering school cooking lessons for parents and children

School meals 'more nutritious than packed lunches'

A Government review into school food has found that packed lunches are nearly almost less nutritious than a cooked meal.

The authors of the School Food Plan say packed lunches are less nutritious than school meals. Credit: Press Association

The School Food Plan, authored by the founders of the Leon restaurant chain, says schools need to do more to encourage take-up of school meals, and have recommended that head teachers lower prices.

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