Britain's hottest day since 2006

Temperatures have reached 33.5 celsius at Heathrow - not only making today the hottest of the year, but also the hottest day since 2006.

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  1. West Country

Council staff told not to wear flip flops to work

Plymouth City Councils bans staff from wearing flip flops Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Images

Plymouth City Council has told its staff they should not turn up for work wearing flip flops in the current heatwave. A memo to staff said:

"It's fine being cool in the office, but please remember this is a business environment and we expect people to wear appropriate clothing."We shouldn't be showing too much flesh and flip flops are a definite no-no !"As in any professional organisation staff need to dress appropriately."


  1. London

Level 3 heat warning issued for London and south east

The Met Office has extended the heat health warning over London and the south east, with the warning raised to an amber level 3 warning, as temperatures are expected to soar today.

A level 3 amber warning means that social and healthcare services are required to take action for high-risk groups including the elderly and babies and young children.

Level 3 Heat warning issued for London and south east England. Credit: Met Office

Sunburn warning issued after boy's ordeal

Children and parents have been urged to take extra care to avoid sunburn with sweltering temperatures continuing across the country.

Matthew Breydin, 11, and his mother Caroline Breydin appeared on Daybreak to warn other families.

Matthew Breydin, 11, became badly burned after playing in the sea despite having lotion applied by his mum before and after he was in the water.

After taking time off school, another spell in direct sunlight saw his skin badly blister, despite him wearing a top at the time, and he was taken to hospital.

Matthew Breydin's skin reddened and blistered despite him wearing a t-shirt.

Staff at Birmingham Children's Hospital, which treated the youngster, said they have treated more children for severe sunburn than in previous years.

Doctors warned parents to ensure young children remain covered and protected and do not spend too long in the sun.

Hot day expected with thunder storms on the way

Britain could turn tropical with high humidity and the hottest day of the year so far, before "violent" thunderstorms bring a dramatic end to the heatwave, according to forecasters.

Hot day expected with thunder storms on the way. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The mercury is expected to reach 33C (91.4F), with the Midlands and the south of England the likely contenders for the hot spots of the day. The hottest day of the year so far had been last Wednesday at Hampton waterworks, south west London, with highs of 32.2C (90F).


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