Britain's hottest day since 2006

Temperatures have reached 33.5 celsius at Heathrow - not only making today the hottest of the year, but also the hottest day since 2006.

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City of London urge public to 'stay away from fire'

The City of London Corporation has asked the public to stay away from a grass fire in Epping Forest, as the heatwave continues across the capital.

Paul Thomson, the City of London Corporation’s Superintendent at Epping Forest, said:

Two dry-grass and woodland fires have broken out at Leyton Flats, on Epping Forest land. One opposite Forest School and one around Hollow Ponds.

The London Fire Brigade is in attendance and we are advising the public to stay away from the area. The London Fire Brigade has said that no properties are affected.

There is a serious fire risk during the current heat wave, and we are operating a zero-tolerance policy on barbecues across the 11,000 acres of green space that we manage in London and the South East.

We are asking the public to make sure that cigarettes are properly put out and that they dial 999 if they see an outbreak of fire.

Revellers splash around as UK swelters in the heat

Olivia Currie, aged 2 (right), enjoys a water fountain in Folkestone, Kent, as the warm weather continues into the weekend. Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire
People relaxing by the fountains at Marble Arch in London. Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire
Children playing in fountains as they enjoy the continuing hot weather in the City Square, Bradford. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire


Students 'better off at school' during heatwave

Students should stay at school during the heatwave, the founder of Netmums said today, after a teaching union suggested that students should be sent home from school if temperatures in classrooms soar.

Students 'better off at school' during heatwave. Credit: PA

Siobhan Freegard said: "Heatwaves and lessons don't mix but it won't do a child any harm to stay at school in the sunshine. With the temperatures nudging 32 degrees, schools are doing all they can by ventilating classrooms and allowing children to have drinks at their desks.

"Kids in other areas of the world regularly learn in these temperatures but teachers' biggest challenge in the UK is coping with children who come to school tired as they are struggling to sleep in the heat.

"Despite the heat, it's unlikely children would be better off at home. There are only a couple of days of term left and kids won't want to miss out on the fun end of year activities - where schools can make the most of the weather rather than huddling under umbrellas for once."

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'Confident' grass fire will be 'under control soon'

The London Fire Brigade's station manager James Morford has said that he is "confident" the second grass fire at Epping Forest will be put out.


Grass fire update: LFB's James Morford said: "One fire is now under control & we're confident that the second will be under control soon."


Grass fire update: LFB's James Morford said: "We're working incredibly hard in what are extremely hot and arduous conditions."


Grass fire update: LFB's James Morford said: "Crews have been using grass beaters, water back packs and hoses to tackle the flames."

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