WW2 bomber crew laid to rest

A Second World War bomber crew will finally be laid to rest in Italy today, 68 years after their aircraft crashed during operations.

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RAF crew laid to rest 68 years after being killed in action

68 years after being shot down in the final days of World War Two, four pilots from Bomber Command were buried today. Their remains were discovered only two years ago, alongside the wreckage of their plane in northern Italy.

For their families, it was a chance to finally said goodbye. Europe Correspondent Emma Murphy reports.


A grave at last for the men of Bomber Command

Sixty-eight years after they were shot down by enemy fire, a grave at last for the men of Bomber Command.

The service for the men of Bomber Command. Credit: ITV News

The four who flew together and died together will be buried together in the War Cemetery in Padua. A chance their families thought was lost after decades without news.

The bodies of Sergeant David Raikes, 20, Flight Sergeant Alexander Bostock, 20, Flight Sergeant David Millard, 20 and Warrant Officer John Hunt, 21, were recovered in July 2011 after a team of archaeologists discovered the wreckage of their Boston Bomber 5m below ground in the Po Valley, Italy.

They died in the last days of the war in Italy but no trace of their wreckage was ever found and their families were left to grieve without a body.

Those families will be at the service today, to honour their service and sacrifice.

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