No vote rigging police inquiry

Police Scotland will not launch a criminal inquiry into allegations of vote rigging over selecting Labour's general election candidate in Falkirk, saying they were "insufficient grounds" to investigate.

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Unite welcome 'common sense' decision over Falkirk

Unite welcomes the police decision not to investigate the Falkirk selection, which appears to be based on an overdue application of common sense to the situation.

Unite reaffirms what it has always said - the union broke neither Labour Party rules nor the law in Falkirk. Those in the media who have smeared the union without evidence or justification should now hang their heads in shame.

We would hope that Labour will now lift the suspensions of Stevie Deans and Karie Murphy, agree to an independent investigation into what happened in Falkirk, and restore full rights to the constituency party as soon as possible.

Labour to pursue disciplinary action over Falkirk

Labour will pursue disciplinary action over allegations of vote rigging in the Falkirk candidate selection process, following Police Scotland's decision not to launch a criminal investigation.

A party spokesman said: "As a result of the police decision, we will now pursue disciplinary action as a matter of urgency.

"The internal Labour inquiry found there was enough evidence to concern us about membership recruitment in Falkirk. We will act on this swiftly and thoroughly as we have done throughout this matter."


Union: Labour 'should publish internal Falkirk report'

Labour should publish an internal report into allegations of vote rigging over candidate selection in Falkirk, according to a local member.

Brian Capaloff, a Unite member who is on the Labour party executive in Falkirk, told BBC News that Unite remains "tainted" by the allegations.

Police Scotland confirmed today it will not launch a criminal investigation into the Falkirk election candidate selection process.

No criminal investigation into Falkirk allegations

Police Scotland will not launch a criminal investigation into allegations of vote rigging over selecting Labour's parliamentary candidate in Falkirk.

In a statement, Police Scotland said:

Following a comprehensive review of all material submitted, Police Scotland has concluded there are insufficient grounds to support a criminal investigation at this time.

However, should further information come to light this will be looked into.

Reports suggest Unite, the biggest trade union, [attempted to influence the Falkirk Labour party with its members to ensure that its preferred candidate was chosen to fight the election]((

The union has always denied the allegations.

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