Twitter abuse suspect bailed

A 21-year-old man arrested in Manchester on suspicion of harassment offences after feminist campaigner Caroline Criado Perez received abusive threats on Twitter has been bailed.

Twitter UK boss: 'Relevant parties' have been contacted

Tony Wang, the general manager of Twitter in the UK, said the company had "engaged with the relevant parties" over complaints of online harassment against a feminist campaigner.


To protect our users' privacy, we don't talk publicly about individual cases, but we have engaged with the relevant parties.

An option to report abuse from within Twitter apps and websites would be launched soon, he suggested:


We continue to listen to feedback and are working hard to bring the report button currently in iOS and mobile web to other major platforms.

A man arrested on suspicion of Twitter harassment was bailed this afternoon, police said earlier.

Man arrested over Twitter harassment claims bailed

A man arrested on suspicion of Twitter harassment offences has been bailed until September, police said.

A 21-year-old man was arrested on Sunday 28 July in the Manchester area on suspicion of harassment offences.

The arrest is in connection with an allegation of malicious communications received by officers in Camden on Thursday, 25 July.

The man has been bailed until a date in mid-September.

Enquiries continue by detectives from Camden police.

– Metropolitan Police


Twitter will expand 'report abuse' function

Twitter said it plans to include a button for reporting abuse within every tweet, amid a growing furore over online threats to rape and kill a feminist campaigner.

The ability to report individual Tweets for abuse is currently available on Twitter for iPhone, and we plan to bring this functionality to other platforms, including Android and the web.

We don't comment on individual accounts. However, we have rules which people agree to abide by when they sign up to Twitter.

We will suspend accounts that once reported to us, are found to be in breach of our rules. We encourage users to report an account for violation of the Twitter rules by using one of our report forms.

– Twitter spokesman

Twitter victim: It's not about being able to hack it

A high-profile feminist who has experienced abuse on Twitter told ITV that the social networking site needs to enforce its own terms of service and acknowledge there is a problem.

Helen Lewis, New Statesman deputy editor and member of campaigning group Women in Journalism said:

We've been campaigning for years now and that's behind the frustration that there's no action and the onus is on the victim to act.

In some cases of online abuse, like that of US feminist blogger Anita Sarkeesian who was sent death threats, there is evidence of accounts that sent them are active. Why do people feel they have the right to send death threats?

This isn't just a case of women not being able to hack it on the internet, like we're lily-livered victims. These threats are intended to undermine and intimidate you and that is a freedom of speech issue itself.

– Helen Lewis

Man to be questioned over 'hostile tweets'

A man will be questioned today over a barrage of hostile tweets to a feminist campaigner, including threats to rape and kill her.

Caroline Criado-Perez, co-founder of the Women's Room (R) with Bank of England governor Mark Carney. Credit: Chris Ratcliffe/PA Wire

Caroline Criado Perez faced a deluge of threats on Twitter over the course of more than a day after she successfully campaigned for a woman's picture to be put on a new bank note.

Scotland Yard said a 21-year-old was arrested yesterday in Manchester on suspicion of harassment offences after officers in Camden, London, received a complaint of malicious communications on Thursday.


Arrest over abusive tweets to campaigner on Twitter

A 21-year-old man has been arrested in Manchester on suspicion of harassment offences after feminist campaigner Caroline Criado Perez was targeted on Twitter.

Scotland Yard confirmed the arrest is in connection with an allegation of malicious communications received by officers in London on Thursday.

Caroline Criado-Perez Credit: Chris Ratcliffe/PA Wire

Ms Criado Perez, who successfully campaigned for a woman's picture to be put on a new bank note, has received a deluge of threats from various sources on the microblogging site.

Twitter has faced calls to take faster and stronger action against online abuse in the wake of the incident.

Cooper calls on Twitter to act over abusive tweets

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has written to Twitter UK criticising its response to "appalling and unacceptable" comments made about a feminist campaigner on the site.

Addressing the threats made against Caroline Criado Perez, she said: "The response by Twitter has clearly been inadequate and fails not only Caroline, but many more women and girls who have faced similar abuse on your social network."

Yvette Cooper has urged Twitter to carry out a full review of its abuse policies Credit: Press Association

Cooper added: "More than 20,000 people have already signed an online petition asking Twitter to allow users to report abuse directly with one click.

"I urge you to go further and ensure that Twitter carries out a full review of all its policies on abusive behaviour, threats and crimes".

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#TakebackTwitter hashtag calls on site to take action

Supporters of bank note campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez have helped launch a hashtag campaign under #takebackTwitter, over claims the social media network is failing to deal with threats of sexual abuse made on its site.


@zaidiinho everyone who wants twitter to be rape threat free can challenge those who use it to harass & denigrate women #takebacktwitter


#takebacktwitter I agree, better report system is needed. Too many times I have wanted to report something it's too long winded to even try


Support to @ccriadoperez threats of rape and sexual violence have no place in society #takebacktwitter

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