'At least 38 dead' in Italy crash

At least 38 people are reported to have died and ten wounded after a tour bus plunged off the side of a motorway in Avellino, southern Italy.

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Mourners gather outside gym where bodies held

Relatives of the victims of the coach crash have gathered outside the gym where the bodies are being held for identification.

The Mayor of Pozzuoli, Vincenzo Figliolia, was pictured crying as he left the gym.

38 people were killed and 10 injured when a coach plunged off a ravine in southern Italy on Sunday night.

The Mayor of Pozzuoli Vincenzo Figliolia (left), cries as he leaves a gym where the bodies of the victims have been taken. Credit: REUTERS/Ciro De Luca
Relatives of the victims of a coach crash stand outside a gym Credit: REUTERS/Ciro De Luca
People gather at the site where a coach plunged off a viaduct near the southern town of Avellino. Credit: REUTERS/Ciro De Luca


  1. Lewis Vaughan Jones - ITV News Correspondent

Children's toys amid Italy coach crash debris

ITV News' Lewis Vaughan Jones tweeted this picture from the scene of the crash. Credit: ITV News

Most of the bus is now cleared but in the wreckage there is still coach seats and children's toys.

Remains of the debris from the coach crash near Avellino. Credit: Lewis Vaughan Jones/ITV News

The bus plunged more than 15 metres off a highway after smashing into several cars.


Bodies of coach crash victims lined up in Italy

At least 37 people have reportedly died after a coach plunged more than 15 metres off a viaduct in southern Italy, according to local news.

A local radio report said 11 people were hospitalised with injuries, two of them in very critical condition. It was not immediately known if there were other survivors or any missing.

Damaged coach is seen after a crash near the southern town of Avellino. Credit: Reuters/Ciro De Luca

Driver 'lost control' of tour bus in southern Italy

A tour bus plunged off a highway into a ravine in southern Italy on Sunday night and smashed into several cars that had slowed in heavy traffic, killing at least 37 people, according to police and rescuers.

Flashing signs near Avellino, outside Naples, had warned motorists of slowed traffic along the stretch of the A116 autostrada, a major highway crossing southern Italy, before the crash occurred, said highway police and officials, speaking on state radio early Monday.

They said the bus driver, for reasons not yet determined, appeared to have lost control of his vehicle.

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