Health research £124m boost

Researchers are to be given £124 million by the Government in a bid to tackle some of the UK's most pressing health problems, it has been announced.

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Dementia and diabetes care to benefit from extra funds

The Government's £124 million injection into health research will fund projects looking at the treatment of long term conditions, including diabetes and dementia

Improving the health and nutrition of dementia sufferers will be looked into thanks to extra funds from the Government Credit: Ingo Wagner/DPA/Press Association Images

Among the projects are experiments looking at reducing the risk of dementia through exercise as well as improving the health of existing sufferers.

Teams will also look at improving the diagnosis of the lung condition, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, aftercare of stroke patients and diabetes prevention.

It is also hoped the multi-million windfall will reduce pressure on A&E by providing solutions to degenerative and chronic diseases without a trip to hospital.

Howe: Funding aids fight against degenerative diseases

A multi-million pound funding boost for healthcare research may help to find an "effective solution" for the diseases facing a growing elderly population, according to a health minister.

Lord Howe was also optimistic the £124 million injection would help the UK "thrive" in the global race.

This is great news for patients - this funding could potentially help the development of ground breaking treatments which could revolutionise care. With a growing elderly population, the need for innovative and effective solutions has never been more important.

We want the UK to lead the world in terms of health research and this announcement underlines that commitment.

It is vital that we invest in health research, not only to create the opportunities for health research to grow - but also to help our economy thrive so we can compete in the global race.

– Lord Howe, Health Minister


Health research to receive millions in extra funding

Researchers are to be given £124 million by the Government in a bid to tackle some of the UK's most pressing health problems.

The cash-boost will be used to fund research into health problems, including dementia, strokes and diabetes.

Research into healthcare is to receive a £124 million windfall, the Government has announced Credit: PA

Thirteen research teams are expected to benefit from the extra funding, with projects planned for a five-year period.

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