Peru drug suspects face 18 years

Peruvian prosecutors have warned that a British and an Irish woman charged with trying to smuggle cocaine worth £1.5 million out of the country could face up to 18 years in jail if they are convicted.

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Drug smuggler: 'Ibiza like a hunting ground'

A drug smuggler who spent eight years in jail in South America said the party island of Ibiza was "like a hunting ground for smugglers."

Paul Keany, who was sent to prison in Venezuela for attempting to smuggle cocaine out of the country, said the girls will be shocked by the tough conditions.

Watch: Brits in prison in Peru describe terrible conditions

Speaking to ITV News he also said it was possible that the two women were used as a decoy for a larger drugs shipment.

Peru drug suspects' parents plan on flying to Lima

The parents of two women arrested in Peru on suspicion of drug smuggling are planning on travelling to Lima to see their daughters.

Michaella McCollum Connolly (left) and Melissa Reid. Credit: Police Handout

Michaella McCollum Connolly, 20, from Northern Ireland, and Melissa Reid, 19, from Scotland, claim they were ordered at gunpoint by Colombian gangsters to smuggle an estimated £1.5 worth of cocaine out of the South American country.

Mr and Mrs Reid told the Daily Mail they were preparing to fly out to Peru to see their daughter, who turns 20 on Friday, and the newspaper claims Ms McCollum Connolly's parents are also making travel arrangements.

William Reid, 53, told the paper: "From what her friends and Melissa have been able to tell us, she was introduced to a group of men who she socialised with and this escalated to her being forced to carry out this journey.

"They came into her flat and told her to pack a bag. She didn't know where she was going. My daughter would 100% not have gone willingly. This is completely out of character. She was coerced into it."


Peru pair due in court on Monday or Tuesday

The British women accused of drug smuggling are due in court on Monday or Tuesday.

Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid are accused of smuggling 11kg of cocaine disguised as food parcels out of South America.

The pair claim they were "threatened at gunpoint" and feared for their lives and those of their families - an allegation police said was an active line of inquiry.

The police chief in charge of the case said it is not unheard of for people to be forced to carry drugs after such threats are made.

Drug accused 'robbed of passports and mobile phones'

Melissa Reid, one of two women caught with £1.5 million worth of cocaine in Peru has said they were robbed of their passports and mobile phones and followed by members of a violent drugs cartel on board flights from Spain.

They took all power away from us and controlled us to the point where we would have done anything to make sure we didn’t die.

We never knew until we saw the drugs what it was we were expected to take back. We had thought it was either money, guns or drugs but they never told us until the night before we flew back to Lima.

We were held up in a dingy room and they placed the drugs in front of us. The men, all South American, told us to wrap the drugs up tightly in clothes to avoid being detected.

We were both incredibly frightened and so at that point they threatened us again with our lives to make sure we went through with it.

– Melissa Reid, speaking to the Daily Mirror

Peru drugs suspect: 'We were given no option'

Melissa Reid Credit: Facebook

One of the two women arrested in Peru on suspicion of smuggling £1.5 million-worth of cocaine has said they had guns held to their heads and were told to smuggle the drugs or die.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, 19-year-old Melissa Reid said: "We were not smuggling for money, we were smuggling for our lives.

"We have no doubt they would have killed us both without hesitation if we didn't do as we were told.

"Ever since I was arrested I have played out what has happened in my mind over and over again asking myself how could we have gotten out of it. But each time I think it wasn't even an option.


Peru drugs suspect: 'We were smuggling for our lives'

Michaella McCollum Connolly (left) and Melissa Reid Credit: Peruvian police

One of the women arrested in Peru on suspicion of smuggling £1.5 million-worth of cocaine has spoken to the Daily Mirror from inside their jail, claiming they were threatened at gunpoint by gangsters.

19-year-old Melissa Reid, from Scotland, told the paper: "We had no option. We were not smuggling for money, we were smuggling for our lives.”

Women 'to claim they were coerced' into drug smuggle

The Archbishop of Lima Sean Walsh, who yesterday met the British and Irish women accused of drug smuggling in Peru, told ITV News he believed the pair's defence would be that "they were coerced into doing this, instead of doing it wilfully".

He said Melissa Reid, 19, and Michaella McCollum Connolly, 20, who are accused of smuggling cocaine worth an estimated £1.5 million, were "being well-treated".

The Irish-American Archbishop said the women were "a little weepy" when they prayed together.

'Living nightmare' for father of woman held in Peru

The father of Melissa Reid, who is accused of smuggling drugs in Peru, said the family are going through a "living nightmare" and have not slept since they found out.

Melissa Reid. Credit: Facebook

William Reid there was "no way" his daughter would have willingly planned to smuggle drugs and believed she may have been "groomed" by somebody she thought was a friend she made on holiday.

He said his daughter is "bright, beautiful, bubbly and intelligent, just like her Facebook page shows" and during a brief conversation with Ms Reid, he told her to be strong and not get too emotional.

The 53-year-old said the family are not planning to go to Peru over fears that going out could put his daughter in "greater danger".

Mother of drug smuggler accused: 'Situation is terrible'

The mother of Michaella McCollum Connolly, who has been arrested in Peru on suspicion of drug trafficking, said "the situation is terrible for everyone".

Michaella McCollum Connolly. Credit: Facebook

Nora McCollum said her family was going through a difficult time and added: "At the moment we don't know anything. We don't know what is happening at all."

Ms McCollum Connolly is a photography student and former nightclub hostess and was arrested last week alongside Melissa Reid while trying to board a flight from Lima to Madrid.

The pair claim they were forced to carry bags in their luggage and were unaware they contained drugs.

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