80 missing after ferry sinks

At least 39 people have been confirmed dead after a ferry sunk off the coast of the Philippines following a collision with a cargo ship. Some 751 people were rescued from the water but 80 people are still missing.

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Death toll reaches 39 in Philippines ferry accident

A Philippines navy vessel searches for survivors of the ferry accident Credit: Reuters

Coast guard officials said at least 39 died and more than 80 were missing in Friday's ferry accident, which happened 350 miles south of Manila.

Rescue workers launch a boat in the search for survivors Credit: Reuters

The ferry, with 870 passengers and crew, and a cargo ship collided, ripping a hole in its hull, knocking out its power and causing it to list before rapidly sinking.


Divers comb for bodies after ferry sinks in Philippines

Diving teams have begun combing through a sunken ferry off the coast of the Philippines to retrieve the bodies of more than 200 people missing from an overnight collision.

At least 28 people have been confirmed dead, though the figure is expected to rise sharply. Credit: APTN
Hundreds were rescued from the ferry, which was carrying 752 passengers and 118 crew when it hit a cargo vessel. Credit: APTN
People checked survivor lists for loved ones, though coast guards said 213 were still missing. Credit: APTN

Passengers weep after Filipino ferry disaster

Hundreds of survivors from a ferry disaster off the coast of the Philippines have been taken to rescue shelters, where they received clothes and food.

Passengers, some of whom jumped in the sea as the vessel began taking on water, were seen weeping as search teams continued to hunt for missing people.

The cause of the collision with a cargo vessel that saw the MV Thomas Aquinas ferry sink just over a mile off the Filipino coastline remains unknown.


Survivors carried to safety after Philippines ferry sinks

Survivors of a ferry disaster in the Philippines that has reportedly killed at least 24 people have received medical attention, though more than 280 people remain unaccounted for.

An infant of the passenger ferry MV St Thomas Aquinas has been carried to a hospital in Talisay, Cebu. Credit: Reuters
Hundreds were rescued and many taken for medical care after the passenger ferry sank following a collision with a cargo vessel. Credit: Reuters
Around 570 people were reportedly brought to safety after the disaster in the central Philippines. Credit: Reuters

Report: At least 24 dead after ferry sinks in Philippines

Many of the passengers were said to be asleep as the vessels collided around 9:00pm local time. Credit: Google Maps

At least 24 people have died and around 300 people are missing after a passenger ferry sank following an evening sea collision in the Philippines, the AFP news agency has reported.

The MV Thomas Aquinas, which was reportedly carrying almost 700 people, hit a cargo ship just over a mile from its destination city of Cebu.

More than 570 people are said to have been rescued by coastguard and naval teams.

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