Search for boys stood down

The coastguard have stopped their search for two boys aged eight and six who were reported to have gone missing from a beach on the Isle of Wight. Officials have said: "We now don't think there are two kids in danger."

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Police 'keeping open mind' over Isle of Wight search

Police have said that they are "keeping an open mind" after the search for two boys reported missing on the Isle of Wight was cancelled.

The force is keeping an open mind about the circumstances of this report. There is no evidence at this time to confirm a criminal offence has been committed deliberately. There could be a completely innocent explanation for what happened. Nothing can be ruled out as we assess all the information available.

We are renewing an appeal for the parents or any relatives of these two boys to contact the police.

– and Isle of Wight Police spokesperson

Missing boys reports 'either a hoax or a false report'

The Coastguard has said that reports of two missing boys were "either a hoax or a false report."

It is an area we can search very well with clear visibility.

We are confident there is no child out there in difficulty.

Either it was a hoax or a false report. The parents left the scene after making the report. Did they find the children and then leave without telling anyone?

– Marine and Coastguard Agency spokesperson



Boys missing on Isle of Wight last seen at 12pm

The Coastguard are searching for two unnamed boys who are missing on the Isle of Wight.

They were last seen near to Appley Town on Ryde beach at about 12pm and they were reported missing by their parents a short while later.

We have a Coastguard rescue team, helicopter and lifeboat involved in the search. If anyone sees them, please call and notify the police.

– Marine and Coastguard Agency spokesperson

Police are also searching for the pair.

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