Syrian snipers shoot at convoy

The United Nations chemical weapons team in Damascus have been shot at by Syrian snipers, a UN spokesperson said. The experts have reportedly returned to their hotel after inspecting the site of an alleged 'gas attack'.

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UN wants cooperation from all sides after shooting

The first vehicle of the Chemical Weapons Investigation Team was deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentified snipers in the buffer zone area.

As the car was no longer serviceable, the Team returned safely back to the Government check-point. The Team will return to the area after replacing the vehicle.

It has to be stressed again that all sides need to extend their cooperation so that the Team can safely carry out their important work.

– UN Secretary-General spokesperson


UN inspectors head to 'chemical attack site'

UN inspectors have left central Damascus to investigate sites of an alleged chemical weapons strikes, following calls from Western powers for military action to punish what may be the world's worst chemical attack in 25 years.

UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Angela Kane was pictured with the convoy before it left, but it is not clear whether she went with them.

China supports independent UN probe into 'gas attack'

China supports an independent and objective investigation by United Nations experts into allegations of a chemical weapons attack in Syria and they hope for the truth to be discovered quickly, the country's foreign minister said.

China has paid close attention to the reports of the use of chemical weapons inside Syria, and China resolutely opposes the use of chemical weapons no matter who uses them.

– Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi


UN team heads to site of suspected chemical attack

A six car convoy of cars have left the Four Seasons hotel in Damascus and are headed to the scene of an alleged poison gas attack outside the Syrian capital last week. A Reuters witness said.

The team of chemical weapons experts, dressed in blue UN body armour, were accompanied by security forces and an ambulance.

They said they were headed to an area called Eastern Ghouta, a rebel-held area on the outskirts of Damascus, where activists said rockets loaded with poison gas killed hundreds of people.

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UN experts in Syria to visit site of 'gas attack'

UN weapons experts are due to inspect a site where reportedly poison gas killed hundreds of people in Damascus suburbs, amid calls from the West for action.

Syria agreed on Sunday to allow the inspectors to visit the site. Foreign Secretary William Hague has said the evidence to prove the Assad regime carried out a chemical attack on Syrian civilians may have been destroyed in the days since.

U.N. vehicles transporting a team of United Nations chemical weapons experts. Credit: Reuters
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