'Little doubt' of Syria gas attack

The US now has "little doubt" the Syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians last week, a senior reporter told Reuters. The Obama administration said a "serious response" would be required should evidence of such an attack emerge.

McCain says US should take 'serious action' against Syria

US Senator John McCain said Washington should take "serious action" against Syria, and suggested launching cruise missiles. Speaking in South Korea, he said:

"We know for sure that he's used them at least once, now here is the second time, horrific, horrific.

"And if the United States stands by, and doesn't take very serious action, not just launching some cruise missiles, then again, our credibility in the world is diminished even more, if there is any left. "


Report: Obama 'has not made decision over Syria'

The CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller has tweeted that the White House is refuting claims of intervention in Syria.


WH official disputes British press reports that Pres Obama and PM Cameron agreed on intervention in Syria in their call yesterday.


WH official says Pres Obama "has not made a decision to undertake military action" against Syria.

US has 'little doubt' chemical weapons used in Syria

The United States now has little doubt the Syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians last week, a senior official told Reuters.

Based on the reported number of victims, reported symptoms of those who were killed or injured, witness accounts, and other facts gathered by open sources, the U.S. intelligence community, and international partners, there is very little doubt at this point that a chemical weapon was used by the Syrian regime against civilians in this incident.

The official added that the president was now focused on "assessing the facts" to enable him to make an informed decision as to how to respond.

We are continuing to assess the facts so the president can make an informed decision about how to respond to this indiscriminate use of chemical weapons.


Report: 400-ton shipment of arms to sent Syria's rebels

Gulf-based supporters have sent a 400-ton shipment of arms to Syria's outgunned rebels, one of the biggest to reach them in their two-year-old uprising, opposition sources said on Sunday.

The arms are reported to have com into Syria via Hatay. Credit: Google Maps

The consignment - mostly ammunition for shoulder-fired weapons and anti-aircraft machine guns - came into northern Syria via the Turkish province of Hatay in the past 24 hours, and was already being handed out, the sources added.

One rebel officer told Reuters the flow of arms bound for rebels had increased since opposition groups accused the government of launching deadly chemical weapons attacks in Damascus on Wednesday.

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Iran warns US against 'crossing the red line on Syria'

Iran has warned the United States against crossing the "red line" on Syria, saying it would have "severe consequences", according to the Fars news agency.

Watch: US says 'all options being examined' on Syria

Massoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of Iran's armed forces is quoted as saying:

America knows the limitation of the red line of the Syrian front and any crossing of Syria's red line will have severe consequences for the White House

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'All options being examined' on Syria

Prime Minister David Cameron and US president Obama have threatened a "serious response" against Syria, should evidence of a chemical weapons attack emerge.

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The warning comes as humanitarian organisation MSF said they have treated about 3,600 patients in Syria with "neurotoxic symptoms," in the hospitals they support within the country.

Watch: MSF 'almost certain' neurotoxic agent used in Syria

US defence secretary Chuck Hagel told a press conference yesterday that the US military is ready to exercise "all options," should Obama choose military action, as Jacob Greaves reports.

Warning: This report contains graphic images

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