May leads anti-badger cull walk

Queen guitarist Brian May has joined dozens of anti-badger cull protesters on a night walk through one of the controversial pilot areas. The culling in Gloucestershire and Somerset aims to tackle tuberculosis in cattle by killing 5,000 badgers.

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UK must 'use every tool in the box' to tackle bovine TB

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has defended the badger cull, saying it is necessary to use "every tool in the box" to tackle the spread of bovine TB.

We know that, despite the strict controls we already have in place, we won't get on top of this terrible disease until we start dealing with the infection in badgers as well as in cattle. That's the clear lesson from Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland and the USA.

That is why these pilot culls are so important. We have to use every tool in the box because TB is so difficult to eradicate and it is spreading rapidly.

If we had a workable vaccine we would use it. A badger vaccine would have no effect on the high proportion of sick badgers in TB hotspots who would continue to spread the disease.

We are working on new badger and cattle vaccines but they are years away from being ready and we cannot afford to wait while TB gets worse.


Protesters hold vigil ahead of planned badger cull

Campaigners against the cull of badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire have said they are gearing up to protest against the "inhumane" measure.

Somerset Badger Patrol organised a candlelit vigil event in Minehead, Somerset against the planned cull.

A protester in Minehead during a candlelight vigil event organized by Somerset Badger Patrol Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire
Protesters march through Minehead during a candlelight vigil event organized by Somerset Badger Patrol. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire
A protester in Minehead during a candlelight vigil event Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Protester arrested ahead of first pilot badger cull

Campaigners against the controversial badger cull in England are gathering in Gloucestershire, where one of the first pilot schemes could start as early as tonight.

Police are on standby for potential unrest, but so far this has been limited to one protester arrested after scaling a fence at a government site near Stroud.

ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn was there:

Activist was 'trying to gather photographic evidence'

An anti badger cull activist, who was arrested after scaling a fence at a government site, has told ITV News that he was trying to gather photographic evidence.

Jay Tiernan, who runs the Stop The Cull campaign group, said he had heard reports of more than 200 "rusty cages" and "industrial sized fridges" being prepared to hold dead badgers.

Soon after, he was filmed scaling a barbed wire fence into the site before being arrested.


Police arrest anti-cull activist after entering Defra site

This video shows anti-badger cull protester Jay Tiernan being arrested by police at a site belonging to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in Gloucestershire.

Tiernan, who leads the activist group Stop The Cull, identified himself to ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn before climbing over the fence into the compound.

When three police cars and a helicopter arrived at the scene he tried to escape but was quickly arrested.

Badger activists expect cull to start on Tuesday

Activists from campaign group Stop The Cull now expect the pilot schemes to begin on Tuesday, according to their website.

Members of the group have reportedly gathered in Gloucestershire, where one of two badger cull pilot schemes is due to begin.

The group has formed a "wounded badger patrol" to help animals that have been shot at but not killed.

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