Abandoned baby's mum 'found'

Police believe they have identified the mother of a baby found abandoned on a Worcester doorstep in July.

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Two arrested after baby abandoned in Worcester

A woman and a man, both in their 30s, were arrested yesterday on suspicion of child neglect, and have been released on bail.

A number of calls had led detectives to the woman.

Baby Joseph was found on a doorstep. Credit: PA

The baby, named Joseph by hospital staff, was wrapped in a Hessian bag and left at a doorstep in Lower Wick on 18th July. The baby was only thought to be 24 hours old when he was left.

Since then, Joseph has been cared for by midwives at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, before being passed on to the care of foster parents.

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Police trace mother of abandoned Worcester baby

Police believe they have traced the mother of a baby boy who was abandoned on a front doorstep in Worcester in July.

The baby, who was named Joseph by hospital staff, was found outside a house in the Lower Wick area of the city on the early hours of Thursday July 18.

The woman believed to be his mother, and a man in his twenties, were arrested by police yesterday on suspicion of child neglect. They have now been released on bail.


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