Jury considers Le Vell verdict

The jury has retired to consider its verdict in the trial of Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell for alleged sex offences at Manchester Crown Court. He denies all 12 charges.

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Jury asked to consider evidence of Le Vell accuser

Eleanor Laws QC for the prosecution has begun her closing statement.

She told the jury to consider the evidence given in court by Michael Le Vell's accuser.

"If you are sure she was telling the truth, you can and must convict, even if it was only the evidence of one person.

"When you listened to her evidence - what was your reaction? Was it: 'she is a wicked, convincing liar'?

"Or did you sit there and think: 'she's telling the truth'?

Ms Laws suggests that any notion she accused Le Vell from motives of revenge "is absurd in the context of this evidence".

Closing speeches in Coronation Street actor trial

Closing speeches will be heard today in the trial of Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell at Manchester Crown Court.

Michael Le Vell denies all charges against him.

He is accused of sexually assaulting and raping a young girl.

Le Vell, being tried under his real name Michael Turner, denies five counts of rape, three of indecent assault, two of sexual activity with a child, and two of causing a child to engage in sexual activity.


Le Vell was 'in shock' when he first heard allegations

Eleanor Laws QC questioned how Michael Le Vell behaved when the girl's mother confronted him with allegations of abuse in person.The defendant told the jury his initial reaction was: "You're joking! Tell me you're f****** joking?"

Ms Laws said: "Quite an aggressive way, as if angry?""No, saying it because I'm shocked," Le Vell replied.Ms Laws said: "You don't say at any time 'What? What's she saying? Oh my goodness'."You don't actually say 'What's this all about?'"You just say 'Tell me you are joking!"'

"Because I'm in shock," Le Vell replied."Because you have been found out," Ms Laws said.Le Vell replied: "There's no script for this, you just say what's in your head."I was shocked and stunned."

Concluding her cross-examination, Ms Laws said: "You thought you had got away with it."Le Vell: "There's nothing to get away with."

Le Vell: 'Dark secrets' are one night stands not abuse

Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell said his "little dark secrets" are a string of one-night stands, not the sexual abuse of a young girl.

The 48-year-old's private life has been laid bare during his trial as he admitted being an alcoholic, having one-night stands and an affair - as his wife underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell arrives at Manchester Crown Court today. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Le Vell told the jury of a conversation he had with someone last year about "secrets", where he told the person: "I have had a few one-night stands."

The actor also agreed telling the same person he had done "something unforgivable" but denied saying that they would not believe "what things are inside my head."

Eleanor Laws QC, prosecuting, suggested that comment would have been a "very odd" thing to say in reference to one-night stands and claimed Le Vell was referring to child abuse.

The actor denied this and said: "There was no abuse going on."

Michael Le Vell denies changing his account of events

Michael Le Vell said yesterday that the alleged victim was telling lies.

Eleanor Laws, prosecuting, is today accusing the actor of changing his account of events.

  • Miss Laws said: "Are you making this up as you go along?"
  • "No," he replies.
  • "You're shifting your ground," the barrister responds.
  • Le Vell said: "I'm not shifting anything."


Le Vell claims it takes 'about 12 pints' to make him drunk

Michael Le Vell has been pushed on how much he can drink without appearing to be drunk.

Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell arrives at Manchester Crown Court today. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

The Coronation Street actor, who plays Kevin Webster in the soap, said he can drink eight pints and still look sober.

Eleanor Laws QC, prosecuting, then asks how many pints it takes to make him drunk, Le Vell replies: "About 12."

'I didn't get away with anything, I didn't abuse her'

Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell, who is being questioned by the prosecution, has denied that he abused a young girl.

  • Miss Laws said: "I suggest you found it difficult at times to live with yourself."
  • Le Vell replied: "No."
  • "Once the abuse started, you couldn't stop," the barrister said.
  • The actor again said: "No."
  • Miss Laws replied: "You're used to getting your own way. You live a charmed life. You thought you'd got away with it."
  • Le Vell said: "I didn't get away with anything, I didn't do anything. I didn't abuse her."
  • "You had a plan from the start - you gradually pushed the limits," the barrister said.
  • "Not at all. I didn't start it. It never happened," the actor replied.

Le Vell 'went out every night because I'm working class'

Michael Le Vell's trial has resumed this morning with Eleanor Laws QC, prosecuting, questioning the defendant.

  • Miss Laws said: "You do have your demons, don't you? You are a troubled man, and you were a troubled man."
  • Le Vell replied: "I went out every night because I'm working class, and that's how I was brought up."
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