Obama: World credibility on line

Barack Obama has warned the credibility of the US and the international community is on the line over their response to Syria's alleged gas attack. The Senate foreign relations panel has backed Obama's plans but it still needs Congressional approval

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Report: Russians trying to lobby US lawmakers on Syria

The Russian government is trying to directly lobby American lawmakers to prevent a possible intervention in Syria, according to CNN.

The report cites Russian embassy officials in Washington as saying that they are trying to organising a meeting between Russian diplomats or politicians and US Senators and House leaders from both parties.


'Bloodied hands' protesters try to disrupt Kerry hearing

Protesters tried to interrupt the US Secretary of State John Kerry as he made the case for military action against Syria at a House of Representatives hearing.

Secretary of State John Kerry seen with the protesters' hands in the background. Credit: APTN

Seated behind Kerry, some of the demonstrators held their hands, which were painted red, in the air as he spoke, whilst others had pink tape strapped across their mouths.

The demonstrators hold up their hands which are painted red. Credit: APTN

At one point, a man wearing a sign on his shirt saying "US out of Syria" stood up and walked past Kerry, holding up a small sign that read, "Killing poor people is patriotic"


'Likelihood very high' Assad would use weapons again

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel told a House of Representatives hearing the "likelihood is very high" that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would use chemical weapons again if America fails to act.

Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel addresses the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Credit: APTN

The US defence chief told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that a strike on Syria would not be a "pin prick" and would reduce Assad's military capability.

McCain unhappy with Senate draft resolution on Syria

US Republican Senator John McCain has said he does not back the Senate panel draft resolution authorising use of force in Syria.

"There are a number of people who are unhappy," McCain told reporters on Capitol Hill.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee draft was narrower than the request made by President Obama, and the panel, of which McCain is a member, may vote on it later today.

Senator McCain has been calling for US intervention in the civil war for many months now.

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