Russian: Rebels behind attack

The Russian foreign ministry claimed its expert findings show that the chemical weapon used in the chemical attack in Syria are similar to ones made by a rebel group. President Putin has warned the West against taking one-sided action in Syria.

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Putin's position on Syria remains largely unchanged

Russian President Putin hinted that his country may approve a UN military operation in Syria, should further evidence of Assad's involvement be presented. However this more nuanced stance belies his ongoing links to the Assad regime, which Russia provides military and logistical support to.

Speaking from Damascus, International Editor Bill Neely looks ahead to tomorrow's G20 Summit, which may turn into a bitter affair.


Russia and UK 'remain in very different places' over Syria

Responding to the Russian President's comments, David Cameron's official spokesman told a regular Westminster media briefing:

If members of the international community are willing to play their full part in shouldering their responsibilities, that would be welcome. We continue to engage with all G8 and G20 partners.

Asked if Downing Street believes the president's remarks indicate a greater willingness to contemplate approving action against Assad by the UN Security Council, the spokesman said:

From the reports I have seen today, we clearly remain in very, very different places around the responsibility for the chemical weapon attacks.

We are in very different places, but we will continue to engage with all our partners. We have been working with international partners, including Russia, for some time.

Russia 'suspends' missile components delivery to Syria

President Vladimir Putin said Russia had suspended the delivery of S-300 air defence missile components to Syria. Credit: APTN

President Vladimir Putin said Russia had provided some components of the S-300 air defence missile system to Syria but had frozen further shipments.

He suggested that Russia may sell the missile systems elsewhere if western nations attack Syria without UN Security Council backing.

In an interview with The Associated Press and Russia's state Channel 1 television, he said: "We have a contract for the delivery of the S-300s. We have supplied some of the components, but the delivery hasn't been completed. We have suspended it for now.

"But if we see that steps are taken that violate the existing international norms, we shall think how we should act in the future, in particular regarding supplies of such sensitive weapons to certain regions of the world."


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