Dad jailed over charity fraud

Kevin Wright, who stole more than £170,000 from the cancer charity set up to help his son, has been sentenced to five years at Nottingham Crown Court.


Fraudster dad 'is not a latter day Robin Hood'

The sentencing hearing for the Staffordshire father that stole thousands of pounds from the charity fund he set up to help his son who was suffering from cancer is underway at Nottingham Crown Court.

Speaking in court, Kevin Wright's defence barrister said:

This is a unique fraud case, not a typical one. He didn't lead a lavish lifestyle to enrich himself.

His primary motive was to help others and temptation clearly got in the way because of the large amounts of money involved.

– Wright's defence barrister

The judge responded to this defence of Wright's actions, saying:

He is not a latter day Robin Hood. I will not accept the suggestion he was trying to help other people. He was selfish and arrogant

– Judge Greg Dickinson, Nottingham Crown Court

Fraudster dad sentenced to five years in jail

Kevin Wright, who stole nearly £1 million from children's charities, including one he set up to help his own son, has been sentenced to five years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court.

Wright, 49, from Tamworth, was convicted of fraud and theft through charity work last month.

Kevin Wright (right) has been jailed for five years Credit: ITV News Central