Kent pile-up crossing reopens

Police have re-opened the A249 in Kent after about 130 vehicles were involved in a pile-up in misty conditions on the New Sheppey Crossing bridge - the largest ever fog-related crash in Britain. Eight people were seriously injured.

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Hospital cancels planned surgery after Kent pile-up

A hospital has cancelled all routine planned surgery for the day after more than 30 people were injured in a massive pile-up on the Sheppey crossing in Kent.

A spokeswoman for the Medway Maritime Hospital said it has treated five people for serious injuries.

Hospital cancels routine planned surgery after crash. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

She added: "At 9.45am the trust received the first casualty from the accident who is now being treated for multiple serious injuries.

"A further 13 casualties have since arrived at the hospital, four being treated for serious injuries and nine for minor injuries.

"The trust continues to be on stand-by to receive further casualties if necessary."

Salvation Army attends to drivers affected by pile-up

The Salvation Army sent an emergency response unit to support those affected by a massive pile-up on the Sheppey crossing in Kent, a spokeswoman said today. It added that it had been working in collaboration with St John Ambulance service.

Our team arrived at the scene at 10am to offer pastoral care and refreshments to emergency services and victims following the crash which happened at around 7am on Thursday.

Due to the soaring temperatures, a shelter has been erected and cold beverages are being served by the Salvation Army at the scene to help victims and rescuers.


'Truly miraculous' no fatalities in Kent pile-up

It was "truly miraculous" that no one was killed in 130-car pile-up on a bridge in heavy fog, police said today.

'Truly miraculous' no fatalities after a pile-up on the Sheppey crossing bridge. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Eight people were seriously injured and 33 are in hospital following the crash on the new Sheppey crossing bridge in Kent, which started around 7.15am and continued for 10 minutes as cars and lorries crashed into each other in visibility that was down to 25 yards.

Chief Inspector Andy Reeves from Kent Police said he had never seen such a crash in 20 years. "From my perspective, it's truly miraculous. It's very fortunate there were no fatalities."


200 people still on Kent bridge after massive pile-up

South East Coast Ambulance service has said that 200 people are still currently on a bridge where a massive pile-up left eight people seriously injured at the Sheppey crossing, Kent.

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