Poll: 24% of pupils have tutors

Almost a quarter of secondary school pupils now have private tutors, according to a survey by education charity The Sutton Trust. The poll found that young people in the capital are four times more likely to have private tuition than those in Wales.

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How much do private tutors cost?

Private tutors set their own rates and often offer discounts for larger bookings, but the average rate paid in the UK is £22.30 per hour according to research by First Tutors.

Tutors' rates tend to vary between £18 and £27 depending on the region and level of education Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

The price tends to vary by the level of education, ranging from just over £20 per hour for primary school pupils to £26.56 for university level.

Tutors are most expensive in Brighton (£24.53) and least expensive in Newcastle (£18.16).

Charity: Private tuition gives poorer kids a disadvantage

Education charity The Sutton Trust, which commissioned the survey, has said the results highlight the need to close the education gap between young people from different social backgrounds:

Private tuition is booming, particularly in London, despite the fact that many families have been forced to tighten their belts over recent years.

Parents naturally want to do the best for their children. Providing private tuition for them puts those children whose parents can't afford it at a disadvantage.

That's why it is so crucial that we find a successful way to ensure that the learning gap is narrowed for less advantaged children.

– Sir Peter Lampl, chairman, the sutton trust


Londoners 4x more likely to have tutors than the Welsh

A study has found that secondary school pupils in the capital are around four times more likely to have private tuition outside of school than those living in Wales.

The regional breakdowns identified by the study are as follows:

  • London - two in five (40%)
  • East England - two in five (37%)
  • South-East England - three in ten (27%)
  • Wales - one in ten (9%)
  • North-East England - one in ten (8%)

Almost a quarter of schoolchildren 'have private tutors'

Almost a quarter of young people are now supplementing their school work with private tuition, according to a survey by education charity The Sutton Trust.

The proportion of schoolchildren receiving private tuition is rising Credit: Thomas Eisenhuth/DPA/Press Association Images

It reveals that 24 percent of 11 to 16-year-olds in England and Wales say their parents have hired a private or home tutor for them at some point in their school careers.

This is up from 23% who said the same last year, and 18% in 2005.

The survey questioned 2,595 pupils in England and Wales between 1 February and 19 April.

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