Flu jabs for young children

Children aged two and three will be vaccinated against flu for the first time. It was announced as the government revealed how it was planning to spend the extra £500 million it is putting into Accident and Emergency care.

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Government announce £250m package to help A&Es

The Government have announced a £250 million package to help ease the pressure on Accident and Emergency Departments over the winter.

Every year since 2010, a million more people have come to Britain's Accident and Emergency departments but last winter, A&Es failed to meet their targets.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned he may not be able to stop it happening again, but promised that the Government were doing "absolutely everything" to tackle the long term fixes.

Hospitals welcomed the extra funding but warned it may be merely a short term fix unless long term issues such as staff shortages are tackled.

ITV News' Medical Editor Lawrence McGinty reports:

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Government mount vigorous campaign on flu jabs

The Government are mounting a particularly vigorous campaign on flu vaccinations this year because last year nearly 700 people ended up in intensive care.

They want to try and avoid that by vaccinating two and three-year-old children, the so-called super-spreaders, and vaccinating NHS staff themselves.

In some hospitals less than one-in-ten staff have been vaccinated. They have set a target of 75% of staff being vaccinated


Flu jab to be given to two and three-year-olds

Two and three-year-olds will be vaccinated against flu for the first time. Credit: PA Wire

Children aged two and three will be vaccinated against flu for the first time in a raft of new Government measures to prevent a winter health crisis.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt presented the step as part of his strategy to help the most vulnerable during the winter months after announcing an ambitious plan to overhaul the way A&E departments cope with increased pressure.

He told reporters that NHS trusts will have to ensure that 75% of all their staff have been vaccinated against flu to gain access to a new £500 million A&E fund next year.

This winter 53 of the most "at risk" A&E departments across the country will have access to the fund to help them provide extra consultant care, improve care for those with long-term conditions and integrate better with social care teams.

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