French draft UN Syria resolution

An initial French draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria would demand a complete declaration of all chemical weapons within 15 days.

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Lavrov: UN resolution must not implicate Syria

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has reportedly told his French counterpart that any proposal for a UN resolution holding Syria responsible for a chemical weapons attack would be "unacceptable".

Separately, Russia's foreign ministry said it will propose a UN draft declaration supporting an initiative to bring Syria's chemical weapons stockpile under international control.


Cameron: Russian Syria proposal 'must be tested'

The Prime Minister has said that a UN resolution laying out a timetable for the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile would "test" Russia's resolve to follow through.

Prime Minister David Cameron speaking before the House of Commons Liaison Committee

Mr Cameron told a panel of senior MPs at the House of Commons Liaison Committee: "If we can achieve the removal and the destruction of the biggest chemical weapons arsenal in the world, that would be a significant step forward".

But he voiced his earlier concerns that the proposal could be a "delaying tactic" and that any plan for disarmament must include a timetable and "consequences" if this was not kept to.

Talks on Russian Syria proposal to begin at UN today

An official at the White House has told NBC News that talks over Russia's proposal to lock down Syria's chemical weapons are due to begin at the United Nations later today:

This morning, the President spoke separately with President Hollande and Prime Minister Cameron.

They agreed to work closely together, and in consultation with Russia and China, to explore seriously the viability of the Russian proposal to put all Syrian chemical weapons and related materials fully under international control in order to ensure their verifiable and enforceable destruction.

These efforts will begin today at the United Nations, and will include a discussion on elements of a potential UN Security Council Resolution.

– white house statement

UK, US and France to table UN resolution on Syria

Britain, France and the US are to table a resolution in the UN Security Council regarding Syria's chemical weapons later today, the Prime Minister has said.

The announcement follows talks between the leaders of the three countries today.

Mr Cameron added that Russia's proposal for Syria to hand over its chemical weapons needed to be tested, as well as being subject to a deadline.


Diplomatic solution depends on 'real threat' of Syria strike

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has said that for a diplomatic solution in Syria to have any chance of succeeding, there is still a need for a "real threat" of US military action.

All of us are hopeful that this option might be a real solution to this crisis. Yet, we must be very clear-eyed and ensure that it's not a stalling tactic.

For this diplomatic option to have a chance of succeeding, the threat of a US

military action - the credible, real threat of US military action - must continue.

– chuck hagel, us defence secretary

Kerry: US 'will not wait long' for Syria weapons proposal

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Credit: Reuters/Gary Cameron

The United States is waiting to see a real and verifiable plan from Russia for removing chemical weapons from Syria but will not wait long, Secretary of State John Kerry has warned.

"We're waiting for that proposal. But we're not waiting for long," Kerry told a hearing of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee.

"President Obama will take a hard look at it. But it has to be swift, it has to be real, it has to be verifiable. It cannot be a delaying tactic," Kerry told the panel.

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