French draft UN Syria resolution

An initial French draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria would demand a complete declaration of all chemical weapons within 15 days.

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US Senate 'may not vote on Syria action this week'

The US Senate may not vote this week on whether to authorise the use of military force in Syria, congressional aides told Reuters.

The view of Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., today. Credit: RTV

Congressional leaders also want to wait to assess the public's response to President Barack Obama's address to the American people on Syria later tonight, several unnamed aides added.

Hague: Must make sure Syria plan not distraction tactic

Foreign Secretary William Hague said the international community has to make sure Syria's agreement to hand over its weapons "is not just a distraction tactic."

Foreign Secretary William Hague speaking in South Africa. Credit: RTV

Mr Hague told a news conference in South Africa, "If there is a serious and genuine offer from the Assad regime to put its chemical weapons beyond use under international supervision, then that would be welcome and we would encourage that".

Obama to press ahead with Congress request on Syria

US President Barack Obama will press ahead with his plan to ask Congress to approve the use of military force in Syria, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

"What the President said last night reflects where we are this morning - we see this as potentially a positive development and we see this as a clear result of the pressure that has been put on Syria," Mr Carney said on MSNBC.

White House press secretary Jay Carney. Credit: Olivier Douliery/

The White House wants to verify that Syria is serious, therefore President Obama will visit Capitol Hill later today to ask congressional members to authorise limited strikes on Syria, Mr Carney added.

Obama to still make Syria military action speech tonight

US President Barack Obama will still make the case that Congress should authorise military force in Syria during a speech tonight, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

President Barack Obama made a series of US television interviews on Syria yesterday. Credit: REUTERS/Pete Souza/The White House/Handout via Reuters

Mr Carney told MSNBC that the White House is talking to leaders and members of Congress about timetables for a vote, but that congressional authorisation will take time.


Arab League chief issues support for Syria weapons plan

The head of the Arab League has expressed support for Russia's proposal to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control.

Nabil Elaraby told reporters that the Arab League has always been in favour of a "political resolution," adding, "Thank God."

The Arab League has blamed the Syrian government for the alleged chemical weapons attack near Damascus on 21 August, however it did not support military action without UN consent.

Hammond in favour of any Syria stockpile resolution

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said he is in favour of anything that resolves the problem of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile, but cautioned against potential delaying tactics.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

"We will need very rapid, very clear evidence that this is a genuine, good-faith proposal and that it can go somewhere, not an alternative to addressing an international community response to the actions which took place on August 21," Mr Hammond told Reuters.

PM: Syria and Russia must show plan is 'genuine'

David Cameron wants Russia and Syria to prove that the proposal for President Bashar al-Assad to put his chemical weapons under international control is "genuine".

The onus is very much now on the Russian government and the Assad regime to follow up in a way to show that the initiative is a serious and genuine offer.

– David Cameron's spokesman
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