UN envoys discuss Syria crisis

The UN envoys for the five permanent members of the Security Council are meeting in New York to discuss the Syria crisis, Reuters reports citing diplomatic sources.

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  1. Robert Moore

Americans ponder the wisdom of intervention in Syria

Today, is of course, a very sensitive day for Americans. September 11, the 12th anniversary of the attacks on New York and Washington and now they have to ponder the wisdom of intervention in Syria.

I think people are still taking stock of that Obama's speech overnight and will have listened to the moral outrage that the President spoke about and that will have indeed have resonated.

Particularly, if they do, as the President urged look at those CIA verifed videos which were released and that show the harrowing images of people dying in the suburbs of Damacus on 21 August.

A young boy affected by the chemical attack on eastern Damascus Credit: Whitehouse.gov

I suspect at the end of the day, it may not have changed many people's minds. Opinion polls continue to show very strong opposition to intervention and assuming that diplomacy fails as does seem so likely, then of course it becomes once more about the President's and the nation's credibility.

Will President Obama act, can he act without support of the American people or without the authorisation of Congress? That central question even after last night's speech remains entirely unresolved.

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