Royal Mail sell-off 'in weeks'

The Government has confirmed its controversial plans to sell shares in Royal Mail in the "coming weeks." Business Secretary Vince Cable said it was an "important day" for the Royal Mail and its employees.

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Royal Mail 'can be successful under public ownership'

The Royal Mail "can be successful under public ownership", according to the Deputy General Secretary of the Communication Workers' Union.

Dave Ward dismissed the argument that Royal Mail cannot survive without private investment as "simply not true", before claiming that that the investors who buy shares in Royal Mail would "take far more out than what they put in".

Mr Ward confirmed that the CWU would be balloting their members for strike action.


Royal Mail boss: Industrial action 'makes no sense'

The Government has confirmed its controversial plans to sell shares in Royal Mail in the "coming weeks." Credit: PA Wire

The Chief Executive of Royal Mail has moved to defend the controversial plan to privatise the organisation and warned workers that the threat of industrial action "makes no sense".

Moya Greene said she understood people's concerns, but insisted the privatisation would dispel "any doubt over the future ownership of the business" and "ensure secure employment" for workers.

The Chief Executive argued there should not be a strike at this "crucial time" for the company, adding that businesses who cannot rely on Royal Mail would look elsewhere.

David Cameron: We are 'setting Royal Mail free'

David Cameron said the Royal Mail is at a "massive disadvantage" being owned by the Government and the business would be "set free" by privatisation.

The Prime Minister told BBC London radio:

Royal Mail operates in a competitive market, and right now being owned by the Government is a massive disadvantage. You can't get out there, borrow money, access expertise and capital from the private sector.

Effectively we are setting this business free to be able to do that, to respond to the competition.

– David Cameron

Osborne urges mail workers to 'engage' with flotation

George Osborne said he hoped Royal Mail workers would "engage" in plans to privatise the company, amid threats of a strike by postal staff.

"I hope the workforce would engage with this process, they are going to become part owners of the Royal Mail," the Chancellor said.

George Osborne said the privatisation of the Royal Mail would "secure its future"

Osborne defended the decision to float the company on the stock market, saying it would "bring in more investment so we can have a brilliant service".

Royal Mail chief 'booed by postal workers'

Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene was reportedly booed by postal workers when she met union representatives in Birmingham today.

A Communication Workers Union member present at the meeting claimed on Twitter that the Royal Mail's Canadian boss was jeered as she took to the stage.

Moya Greene held a meeting with 1,200 union representatives in Birmingham. Credit: Twitter/@KyeDudd

The CWU member, Kye Dudd, also reported that Greene was "laughed at" when she said she couldn't understand why she was facing a dispute, before before booed off the stage to chants of "Royal Mail not for sale".


IoD: Royal Mail privatisation 'good for customers'

The Institute of Directors said the privatisation of the Royal Mail would benefit customers and be a "great opportunity" for employees.

IoD Director General Simon Walker said:

The Royal Mail is a vital service that businesses depend on, and (business minister) Michael Fallon is absolutely right that now is the time to allow it to access to the capital markets, enabling it to invest in its future.

Royal Mail employees should see this as a great opportunity, not only to own a stake in their company, but also to give it the best chance to succeed in a competitive delivery market. The unions must acknowledge that strike action is not in the best interests of the business or their members.

The experience of European mail services shows that privatisation can improve the experience for customers.

– Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors

Union: Royal Mail privatisation would 'increase prices'

The Communication Workers Union said privatisation of the Royal Mail was the "wrong decision" and would lead to higher prices for customers.

Billy Hayes, CWU general secretary, has called on Labour to commit to renationalising the Royal Mail if elected:

This isn’t about what’s best for the Royal Mail, it’s about vested interests of government ministers’ mates in the City.

We remain convinced that privatisation is the wrong decision for Royal Mail. It would be bad for customers, bad for staff and bad for the industry. Privatisation would put jobs and services at risk and lead to higher prices for customers.

We’re taking this to the Labour Party Conference and we want a commitment that a Labour government would renationalise Royal Mail if privatised. Privatisation would destroy a centuries-old public service.

– Bill Hayes

Union: Royal Mail sell-off 'a betrayal of the public'

The head of the postal workers' union, Billy Hayes, has reacted to the Government's confirmation that it will sell shares in Royal Mail:

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