Wales to get women bishops

Women will be allowed to become bishops in the Church in Wales following a key vote at the Anglican groups meeting today.

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Women bishops in the UK and Ireland

  • Ireland (including Northern Ireland): Approved the ordination of women as priests and bishops in 1990, although no women have been ordained so far.
  • Scotland: Scottish Episcopal Church has allowed women bishops since 2003. While a female priest was shortlisted in 2010, none has been ordained.

Women can be ordained as bishops from Autumn 2014

The Bill allowing women to be ordained as bishops in Wales will come into force one year from today after a last-minute amendment to speed up its implementation.

An original motion, put forward by the six bishops in Wales, would have meant that special arrangements had to be found for priests who do not want to be led by a woman.

This was amended to a one-stage vote to enable the consecration of women as bishops from September 2014.

'Huge cheers' after vote in favour of women bishops

There were reportedly "huge cheers" after the Church in Wales' governing body voted in favour of women bishops at a meeting in Lampeter, Ceredigion.


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