Knox 'won't return for retrial'

Amanda Knox has said she will not return to Italy to face a retrial over the murder of British student Meredith Kercher because she fears she would be a "distraction" in the courtroom.

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Timeline of key events in Meredith Kercher murder case

With Amanda Knox today revealing she will not go back to Italy to face re-trial over the Meredith Kercher murder case, here is a summary of the key events since the 21-year-old student from Surrey was found dead:

  • 2 November 2007: Kercher's body found in her apartment in Perugia
  • 6 November 2007: Knox and Raffaele Sollecito arrested
  • 6 December 2007: Ivory coast national Rudy Guede extradited from Germany and arrested in Italy
  • 28 October 2008: Guede convicted of murder and sexual assault, sentenced to 30 years

Amanda Knox 'portrayed as the dark lady' in first trial

Amanda Knox has told The Sun on Sunday (£) she was portrayed as "the dark lady" who had decided Meredith Kercher was "better than me and had to die" in the first trial over the British student's death.

Projecting that image justifies in their minds that I would be capable of committing a crime so heinous as this and therefore validates the guilty verdict in the first trial.

– Amanda Knox


Amanda Knox 'won't go back to Italy for retrial'

Amanda Knox now lives in Seattle but won't go back to Italy for the retrial. Credit: Reuters

Amanda Knox will not go back to Italy for her retrial over the death of Meredith Kercher as she fears she will become a "distraction", the Sun on Sunday (£) reported.

She was convicted along with her former Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito following a high-profile trial, but the pair were later cleared in 2011.

Italy's supreme court has ordered a retrial, but Knox says she can't afford to return and stay in Italy for the duration of the trial.

Knox told the paper: "If it were possible to go to the court and not have to deal with the issues of being afraid of being thrown back in prison again for an arbitrary reason, or for being able to financially afford it, absolutely I would want to be there."

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