New hospital inspections begin

The Care Quality Commission's new programme of hospital inspections begins in Croydon today. The way hospitals are checked has been overhauled following the Stafford Hospital scandal.

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Inspections get 'direction information from patients'

Professor Sir Mike Richards, the new chief inspector of hospitals, said:

These inspections are designed to provide people with a clear picture of the quality of the services in their local hospital, exposing poor or mediocre care as well as highlighting areas of good and excellent care.

We know there is too much variation in quality in the NHS - these new in-depth inspections will allow us to get a much more detailed picture of care in hospitals than ever before.

Inspections are supported by an improved method for identifying risks and with much more information direct from patients and their families, and hospital staff.

We aim to publish our reports about a month after we have completed the inspections.


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