Baddiel: 'Yid is race-hate word'

In an interview with ITV News, David Baddiel has criticised the Prime Minister's view that Spurs fans who call themselves the "Yid army" should not face prosecution. The comedian and writer told ITV News the phrase "is a race-hate word."

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Cameron: Fans who chant 'Yid' should not be prosecuted

David Cameron says Tottenham Hotspur fans who use the word "Yid" in chants should not face prosecution.

The FA warned supporters that use of such words could result in either a banning order Credit: Press Association

Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle the Prime Minister said: "There's a difference between Spurs fans self-describing themselves as Yids and someone calling someone a Yid as an insult.

"You have to be motivated by hate. Hate speech should be prosecuted - but only when it's motivated by hate."

Baddiel 'OK' with PM taking opposing view on chant

Comedian David Baddiel, who has backed a campaign to ban football fans using an anti-Semitic term, said he is "OK" with the Prime Minister "taking an opposing position to me."

Baddiel wrote on Twitter:


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