Clegg's permanent coalition call

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has told his party's conference that he believes coalitions should be a permanent feature of British politics. But 67% of voters appear to prefer single-party government, according to the ITV News Index.

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Clegg: Andy Murray asked 'why don't we all get along'

Andy Murray joins (from left) Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Prime Minister David Cameron, and Labour leader Ed Miliband. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Recalling his meeting with Britain's Andy Murray after the tennis player's Wimbledon victory in July, Nick Clegg says that the Grand Slam champion jokingly asked him, Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband why the three leaders "can't always get along".

Clegg about to begin closing Lib Dem speech

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is about to begin his closing speech at the party's conference in Glasgow.

The theme that the Deputy Prime Minister will focus on is how the Liberal Democrats are and will continue to be in the future, a party of government.

He will also highlight his party's role in the economic recovery, stating that the recovery would not have happened without the Liberal Democrats.


Nick Clegg arrives for his speech with wife Miriam

Nick Clegg has arrived to deliver his keynote speech at the end of the Liberal Democrat annual conference.

The Deputy Prime Minister is expected to tell his party that they are "no one's little brother."

Nick Clegg and his wife Miriam arriving ahead of his speech.

Nick Clegg: Lib Dems are 'no one's little brother'

As he closes the Liberal Democrat conference this afternoon leader Nick Clegg will speak about how the party will 'anchor' the other parties to the centre ground.

Nick Clegg speaking earlier in the conference. Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

Mr Clegg is expected to say: "The Liberal Democrats are not just some subset of the Labour or Tory parties – we’re no one’s little brother.

"We have our own values, our own liberal beliefs. We’re not trying to get back into Government to fold into one of the other parties – we want to be there to anchor them to the liberal centre ground, right in the centre, bang in the middle."

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