Miliband: 'Britain can do better'

Ed Miliband repeatedly returned to the theme of Britain being able to 'do better' during his Labour Party conference speech in Brighton.

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Union boss: 'No one can say the parties are all the same'

New TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said Ed Miliband's speech was a "defining moment" for the Labour leader. Credit: PA

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said: "This was a defining speech that rightly focused on the living standards crisis and went on to offer hope.

"At its heart was a clear break from the view that Britain succeeds by reducing the rights, pay and prospects of people at work.

"More importantly, the clear pledges made today and during the rest of this week showed that there will be a real choice at the next election - no one can now say that the parties are all the same."

Izzard: Miliband 'confident and relaxed with humour'

Comedian and performer Eddie Izzard gave a glowing review of Ed Miliband's conference speech. Credit: PA

Comedian Eddie Izzard, a renowned supporter of Labour, said: "The views on the NHS will resonate the most. We did rebuild it and David Cameron did say he would not touch it. He said he believed in it and suddenly they went all over it and we are going to have to rebuild it again.

"That got an instant standing ovation, which obviously wasn't planned as he had to stop in the middle of his speech, so that's great.

"I think fighting for women is great, the vote going down to 16 and 17-year-olds and fighting for people - the many not the few. I think that's the thing we always want to do."

Analysing the performance of the Labour leader, Izzard said: "I think it was very passionate. He's very confident now and very relaxed with his humour."

Labour MPs tweet praise for Miliband's 'superb' speech

Labour MPs have given a glowing verdict on Ed Miliband's speech to the annual conference on Twitter:


Exceptional speech by Ed Miliband. No-one can be in any doubt about the big differences between the Parties and our plans for change.


"We're Britain, we're better than this!" Superb stuff from @ed_miliband today. Lots of new policy & direction... #Lab13 #BetterBritain


Miliband: 'I'll be the PM who repeals the bedroom tax'

Ed Miliband got the longest round of applause so far on the issue of the so-called bedroom tax.

He says the difference between him and David Cameron is that he will stand up for the weak instead of the strong.

He claims Cameron has sided with Rupert Murdoch, tobacco lobbyists and millionaires.

If Cameron wants to fight an election on leadership and character, "be my guest" he says.

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