Miliband: 'Britain can do better'

Ed Miliband repeatedly returned to the theme of Britain being able to 'do better' during his Labour Party conference speech in Brighton.

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Miliband shines despite some awkward moments

by - Deputy Political Editor

Ed Miliband is continuing to do well with his no-notes speech apart from some awkward pantomine moments.

The "race to the top" under Labour versus the "race to the bottom" under the Conservatives has been a common theme.

He has also pledged to reverse the planned rise in business rates for small firms, but it would be paid for by reversing the planned cut in corporation tax.

He giveth with one hand etc ...

He also got a free hit courtesy of those disastrous comments from Tory peer Lord Howell that companies should frack in the north-east, where he said it was "desolate and uninhabited".

And we have had come bizarre commitments: namely a pledge not to take off his shirt on holiday. It's a pledge I am sure most people in the country would rally behind.

Miliband: Millions of parents are 'stressed out at work'

Ed Miliband is moving on to the much-publicised pledge of guaranteeing childcare before and after school hours.


"We won’t win the race to the top when millions of parents are stressed out at work, and family life is under constant strain." @ed_miliband


Ed: We will legislate for schools to be open from 8am - 6pm providing the care that parents need.


Miliband reaches out to North after fracking comments

Ed Miliband is recalling the comments made by Lord Howell about fracking in parts of the North East, which he reportedly described as "desolate and uninhabited areas".

"One casual aside dismissing one whole region of the country," Miliband says.

He says he prefers to call people living in the North East: "Friends, neighbours, heroes of our country".

Read: Lord Howell backs fracking in 'desolate' North


Miliband speech: No notes and a new soundbite

by - Deputy Political Editor
Ed Miliband greets the crowd at the Labour Party conference.

So no notes. And an hour long. That in itself is an impressive act by Ed Miliband.

As far as the content is concerned, look out for an announcement on energy prices, and on immigration.

There is a personal section too about how hard leadership is - and how hard it was for his family when he stood for the leadership (no kidding).

He is also talking about how he stood up to Rupert Murdoch over phone hacking. That remains one of the most recognised achievements of his time in charge.

Similarly, he is capitalising on his opposition to military strikes in Syria - another reflection of the findings of our ComRes poll.

I also spot a theme in the first part of this speech. His new soundbite: "We're Britain. We're Better Than This."

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