Essex blast 'danger passes'

Police have said the 'danger has passed' after one man was injured in an explosion at a chemical plant in Essex.

Injuries reported after explosion at Essex factory

Police have confirmed a second person received minor injuries after an apparent explosion at an industrial chemcials unit in West Thurrock, Essex this evening. Both were employees at the site.

Safety experts have declared the area safe and there was no longer any danger to the public, the force added.

The cause of the explosion is being investigated.


Industrial area close to residential streets

Emergency services in Essex said they had been called to Industrial Chemicals Limited, Stoness Road, in West Thurrock.

Fire crews found there had been an explosion of chemicals in a chlorine scrubbing unit.

Residential streets are seen to the north and north east of Stoneness Road. Credit: Google Maps

Explosion at chemical factory in Essex

One man has been injured after an explosion at a chemical factory in West Thurrock, Essex, emergency services said.


Crew are standing by following an explosion in Thurrock. One man suffered minor injuries. Full details:

Essex Fire Service said the incident had "caused a leak of caustic soda liquid."