Tributes to British Kenya hero

A British man killed in the Westgate Mall massacre died after attempting to offer himself as hostage to save a group of children. London-born Mitul Shah talked to al-Shabaab as they targeted children taking part in a TV cooking competition.

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Family and colleagues 'anguished' by death of Brit

The funeral of Mitual Shah, the 38-year-old man killed in the Kenyan shopping centre as he tried to save children who were taking part in a televised cooking competition, took place in Nairobi yesterday.

A heartfelt tribute was paid to the father-of-one by his company, who said he was a "hero and a star".

Mourners at the traditional Hindu funeral of Mitul Shah, who was buried in Nairobi yesterday. Credit: NBC News

Mr Shah had been to school in Kenya but returned to the UK for university, from 1993 to 1996, and graduated in management science with computing. Mr Shah was head of sales and marketing at a Kenyan cooking oil company.

The director of the company, Dipak Shah, described him as "young, dynamic, enterprising, hard working and well focused". In an emotional tribute, he said:

"We are anguished and shell-shocked at the turn of events. The tragic loss of our colleague and brother has created a vacuum in our heart as much as it has in our organisation."

Tributes to 'heroic and brave' Brit shot in Nairobi mall

The friends and colleagues of a British man killed in the Nairobi Mall siege have described how he died attempting to save the lives of a group of children taking part in a cookery competition his company was supporting.

London-born Mitul Shah, who was shot during the Nairobi mall attack last Saturday. Credit: Facebook

Speaking to The Standard, Dipak Shah, Mr Shah's manager, said:

"He was there with the kids, as a representative as we were a sponsor of the programme.

“He was trying to negotiate the freedom of the children in order for him to be taken as a hostage. Some had managed to save their lives but unfortunately he, and others, did not. It was a heroic and brave act - a true reflection of his soul.

"He was a wonderful person who always went out of his way, beyond the call of duty, to help others.


Brit hero 'died offering himself as hostage to save kids'

A British man killed in the Westgate Mall attack died after attempting to offer himself as hostage to save a group of children, The Standard reports.

London-born Mitul Shah tried to negotiate with members of al-Shabaab as they targeted a group of children taking part in a TV cooking competition his company was sponsoring.

Colleagues said his efforts gave some children time to flee, though he was unable to convince the gunmen to let all of the children go free.

The father-of-one was shot dead along with a number of children, and as well as radio presenter Ruhila Adatia.

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