UN vote: Destroy Syria weapons

A resolution to secure and destroy Syria's chemical weapons has been passed unanimously by the United Nations Security Council.

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Syrian regime's chemical weapon's 'use' unresolved

The Syrian government's slate must not be "wiped clean", a former Liberal Democrat leader said today, after the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously over a resolution.

Former leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Menzies Campbell. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

Sir Menzies Campbell, also a member of the Commons Foreign Affairs committee, said: "Amidst the euphoria at the UN in New York one significant issue remains unresolved.

"Is it now universally accepted, as all the evidence points to, that the Assad regime used chemical weapons against its own citizens?

"It would be quite wrong and contrary to principle if the result of the rapprochement over Syria between the USA and Russia were to wipe a very dirty slate clean."


Syria children 'need aid' not 'UN weapons resolution'

Chemical weapons are not killing and injuring most children, the chief executive of Save the Children said today, after the United Nations voted unanimously on a Syria resolution.

Justin Forsyth said:

The fact that the Security Council can reach an agreement on Syria's chemical weapons is very welcome, but chemical weapons are not killing and injuring most children. We now need action by the UN Security Council to get aid to children cut off in Syria.

With winter just around the corner, now more than ever, children need food, medicine and shelter. This must be the world's number one priority for Syria.

Hague hails 'ground-breaking' Syria weapons vote

William Hague has welcomed a "ground-breaking" United Nations resolution to secure and destroy Syria's chemical weapons, but called for greater efforts to end the suffering of its people.

The Foreign Secretary said the unanimous UN Security Council resolution was about "ensuring" that the horrors of the Assad regime's chemical attacks never happened again.

He claimed the focus was now on "the everyday horrors of the dire humanitarian situation" in Syria ahead of a new round of diplomatic discussions regarding Syria in Geneva in mid-November.

UN adopts binding resolution over Syria

  • The unanimous vote by the 15-member Security Council to secure and destroy Syria's chemical weapons capped weeks of intense diplomacy between Russia and the United States.
  • This deal was based on an agreement between the two countries following an August 21 sarin nerve gas attack on a Damascus suburb that killed hundreds of people.
  • It ends a two-and-a-half year deadlock in the UN over Syria, a country where government and rebel fighting is still ongoing.
  • The deal which demands the eradication of Syria's chemical weapons does not threaten automatic punitive action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government if it does not comply.


UN votes unanimously to destroy Syria's arms

The 15-member UN Security Council body have backed the draft document agreed earlier by Russia and the US to destory Syria's chemical weapons.

Foreign Secretary William Hague and US Secretary of State John Kerry vote to eradicate Syria's chemical arsenal. Credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he wants his country to participate in the Syrian chemical weapons clean-up. Credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif
Members of the United Nations Security Council in New York vote unanimously to destroy Syria's chemical weapons. Credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif
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