Miliband 'speaking out as a son'

Ed Miliband revealed he was with his mother when he first read the Daily Mail article that accused his father of "hating Britain."

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Headteacher weighs in on Daily Mail vs Miliband debate

The headteacher of a leading private school has added his voice to the row over the Daily Mail's attack on Labour leader Ed Miliband's late father.

Anthony Seldon, master of Wellington College, told the Observer: "If the Mail speaks for Britain, it is not a Britain I want to be part of."

"It sets a very bad example to young people to belittle someone who is dead. I think it is nasty, it lacks taste and decency ...

"Everything that I value and try to get across to young people here, this seems to cut across. It is antithetical to everything I try to teach our pupils.

"The constant trashing of people for the sake of selling newspapers is demeaning and destructive of trust."

Mail journalist suggests 'mistake' over Miliband row

A senior Daily Mail journalist has suggested tonight that his newspaper may have made a mistake over the row with Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Alex Brummer said the controversial article accusing Mr Miliband's late father of "hating Britain" should have been presented more clearly as comment.

Labour have seized on the remarks as a sign that the newspaper's defence is crumbling.

ITV News' Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen reports:


Daily Mail City editor applauds paper's 'ethical roots'

The Daily Mail's City editor Alex Brummer said he was glad Mr Miliband did not find the Daily Mail profile of his dead father anti-Semitic, whilst insisting the paper had "good ethical roots" at its core. He told BBC Radio Five Live:

I was very pleased to hear him say that he didn't think that there was any anti-Semitism involved in the article about his father, because if you read that article, it was really about trying to trace Ed Miliband's political roots - where they come from, where his ideas come from.

Defending his paper, he said the have tried to act "very, very quickly" and insisted that the incident was "the exception rather than the rule."

We're extraordinarily careful. That's a practice which goes to the core of the paper, and I do think there are some good ethical roots in the paper and this is the exception rather than the rule.

Ed Miliband 'speaking out as a son' to defend his family

Ed Miliband revealed he was with his mother when he first read the Daily Mail article that accused his father of "hating Britain."

Read: Ed Miliband says the Daily Mail crossed a line

He said he took exception to the tone of the article, the fact that a personal boundary had been crossed, and said he was speaking out "as a son" more than a politician to defend his father's name, and to protect his family. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he said:

There has to be boundaries - and that is why I am standing up for my father, as a son. We, as a family are used to a lot, I think. But we think this went over the line. I was with my mum when I read it, and it is about my family, and where boundaries lie.

It is an usual thing that has happened, me speaking out, but I felt I had to speak out to protect his good name now

When it comes to my dad, there has to be some boundaries. When it comes to the election, it has to be about the issues, not about smears.

Miliband wants 'election on cost of living not smears'

Ed Miliband said the recent row between him and the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday "certainly hasn’t improved our relationship", in an interview with the Labour List website.

I did face a choice but I decided I couldn’t remain quiet and hope it goes away in the way politicians are supposed to do[...]

It’s important for me to say this though – I want this next election to be about the cost of living not about smears on my late father.

That is why I chose to speak out now because the British people need a debate about the issues which matter to them and that won’t be possible if this kind of character assassination of people’s families continues.

Of course I expect criticism and I’m used to being attacked by the Mail and other newspapers.

– Labour leader Ed Miliband

Miliband was 'apprehensive' after writing Mail response

Labour leader Ed Miliband has admitted he "felt a sense of apprehension" after writing his response to the Daily Mail article that accused his father of hating Britain.

He told the Labour List website:

On Monday night I was thinking about the article I’d written and – I don’t normally feel these kind of things – but I felt a sense of apprehension about it.

I didn’t know they were going to compound the problem by describing my dad’s legacy as ‘evil’ but even then I knew that even though I didn’t want to be in this position it was the right thing to do.

You’ve got to draw the line somewhere. I thought it was right to speak out.


Labour: Letter doesn't address Ralph Miliband article

Lord Rothermere has repeated the apology for the behaviour of the Mail on Sunday.

This is an important step.

However, he says he does not believe it reflected the culture and practices of the Mail or Mail on Sunday, and also he does not address the treatment of Ed Miliband’s dad over the last few days.

We continue to believe these issues need addressing and until they do so, many people will continue to believe that these newspapers are not upholding the values and decency of the British people.

– Labour Party spokesman

Marks and Spencer: No plans to change Mail advertising

A Marks and Spencer spokesperson said that it would be "inappropriate to comment" on the Daily Mail or the Mail on Sunday's editorial content and that the company had no plans to change their advertising.

Marks and Spencer said it has no plans to change Mail advertising. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

This comes as Labour activists have called on advertisers to withdraw their support for the papers over the article on Ed Miliaband's father Ralph and a Mail on Sunday journalist gaining entry to a private memorial for Mr Miliband's uncle.

Lord Rothermere: 'Matter is under review'

Alex Spence, Media Editor at the Times has tweeted to say that the office of Lord Rothermere, chairman of the Daily Mail group, has told him that the matter of a Mail on Sunday journalist attending a private memorial for Ed Miliband's uncle is 'under review':

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