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Day three of the Conservative party conference in Manchester.

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Almost two-thirds of voters say no to Ukip-Tory pact

Almost two thirds of voters do not want Ukip to join forces with the Conservatives. Credit: PA

A Daybreak poll has exposed an overwhelmingly negative response to the Conservatives partnering with Ukip at the next election.

Almost two-thirds - 61.2% - of people interviewed did not want to see David Cameron's party join forces with the Nigel Farage's anti-EU group ahead of the 2015 General Election.

Rumours about a potential Ukip-Tory pact at the next election have been doing the rounds at the Conservative party conference, with Mr Farage estimating "a couple of dozen" of David Cameron's MPs would be interested.

Over half of voters no longer 'trust' David Cameron

Over half of voters no longer trust David Cameron according to a Daybreak poll.

New data showed 57.5% of voters no longer trusted the Conservative Party leader and 50.7% did not think he was a good Prime Minister.

The results come amid a tumultuous party conference for Mr Cameron, as support is growing for a Ukip-Tory pact among Conservative delegates ahead of the next election.

Mr Cameron is due to address the Conservative Party conference tomorrow at 11am.


Farage 'open minded' about joint-ticket candidates

Ukip leader Nigel Farage rolled up on the fringes of the Conservative Party conference today denying any formal election pact with David Cameron.

And that feeling is mutual, as David Cameron told ITV News today.

But Mr Farage told a fringe event he would be "open minded" about local candidates running on joint tickets.

ITV News political correspondent Romilly Weeks spoke to the controversial politician:

May promises tightening of deportation appeal grounds

Home Secretary Theresa May set out new plans on deporting suspected foreign criminals at the Conservative Party conference today.

She said under a new Conservative government offenders would be sent home before their appeals are heard.

She also promised again to pull Britain out of the European Human Rights Act.

ITV News UK Editor Lucy Manning listened to Mrs May's speech:

Cameron promises: 'No pacts or deals' with Ukip

David Cameron has reiterated that his Conservative Party will not enter any "pacts or deals" with Ukip in the run-up to the next general election.

"Of course if Ukip candidates stand down, or Ukip supporters want to back a local Conservative - because that's the only way to reform welfare, cut immigration, and get an EU referendum - then of course I'd support that," the Prime Minister told ITV News correspondent Paul Brand.

"But no pacts or deals."


May says she was 'crazy' with the ECHR over Qatada

Home Secretary Theresa May speaks to delegates during the ConservativeParty Conference in Manchester. Credit: PA

Home Secretary Theresa May told the Conservative Party conference that when Abu Qatada finally got on the plane to be deported, she was told that he asked: "Is Crazy May flying with me?"

Ms May told delegates: "I admit I was crazy - crazy with the European Court of Human Rights, and I know I wasn't the only one.

"We were told time and time again that thanks to human rights law, we couldn't deport him."

May: We should not underestimate the terrorism threat

Home Secretary Theresa May told the Conservative Party conference: "We should not for one second underestimate the threat we face from terrorism and the challenges we must meet in confronting extremism."

"Whatever the race, religion and beliefs of a terrorist, whatever the race, religion and beliefs of their victims, this is Britain.

"We are all British. We stand united against terrorism and we will never succumb to violence."

'Couple of dozen' Tory MPs Ukip could reach deal with

Nigel Farage has suggested there are "a couple of dozen" Conservative MPs with whom Ukip could come to an agreement at a local level regarding an elections.

Mr Farage told BBC Radio 4's The World At One his party had already held informal discussions with a "handful" of them.

The Ukip leader continued: "There are a couple of dozen Tory MPs who hold a range of views on several issues, not just Europe, that are very close to our own."

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