PM: Many yet to see the recovery

In an interview with ITV News' Tom Bradby, the Prime Minister has accepted that many people are not yet convinced the economic recovery will work for them. He also confirmed he will serve a full second term, if the Conservatives are re-elected

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PM accepts 'millions of people' yet to see recovery

The Prime Minister has accepted that many people are not yet convinced the current economic recovery will work for them.

David Cameron told ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby: "There are millions of people in our country who have worked hard through this recession, who've held on to their jobs, who haven't seen a pay rise, who've seen prices go up for their weekly shop.

"They need to know that we're on their side and that help is on its way."

He said his Government needed to focus on "increases in living standards by allowing people to keep more of their own money to spend as they choose."


Cameron: I will serve full second term if re-elected PM

David Cameron has insisted he intends to serve a full second term as Prime Minister if he is re-elected in 2015.

"When it comes to the next election, I will be putting myself up for a full term - that is what I will do," he told ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby.

"I am on a mission to turn the country round and build a recovery for all," he said. "I want to get it done and get it done properly."

Cameron: I do love Larry the cat - but he's a bad mouser

Larry seen dressed up in a patriotic bow-tie on the cabinet table in Downing Street in 2011. Credit: PA

David Cameron has again insisted his family loves Larry the Downing Street cat despite being unimpressed by his mouse-catching skills.

The Prime Minister denied the claim in Matthew d'Ancona's book In It Together that the cat was unpopular, and said: "I'm very keen on Larry, my family love Larry, and now we've got Freya as well, the Chancellor's cat."

He told Sky News Radio: "I think where this story came from is I was once rude about Larry's mousing abilities.

"It is true that he once sat on a chair in my study at Number 10 and this mouse ran across the floor and Larry just lifted his head and had a look at it and did absolutely nothing."

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