Labour announces reshuffle

Ed Miliband has dramatically reshaped his shadow cabinet ready for the general election, demoting Blairites and installing women in key posts.

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Report: Diane Abbott sacked from Labour frontbench

Shadow public health minister Diane Abbott. Credit: PA/PA Wire

The Labour leader Ed Miliband has reportedly sacked former leadership challenger Diane Abbott from her position in his frontbench team as shadow public health minister.

According to the BBC, the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP said the Labour leader told her he wanted "more message discipline

Neither Labour nor Ms Abbott's office would immediately confirm or deny the report.

The BBC said that Ms Abbott had confirmed her return to the backbenches, saying: "I think Ed wanted more message discipline. I'll live. These things happen."


Unite leader 'put no pressure' on Miliband over reshuffle

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey has denied putting any pressure on Ed Miliband over his shadow cabinet reshuffle.

Speaking to ITV News Reporter Sejal Karia Mr McCluskey said: "Obviously Ed picks his team and whatever that team is we'll be supporting."

The Conservatives have said that the union leader is "the real winner" of the Labour reshuffle.

Read: Union leader is 'the real winner' of Labour reshuffle

Labour MPs tweet 'delight' at new shadow cabinet roles

Labour MPs have tweeted their congratulations to colleagues who have gained promotions in the shadow cabinet as well as the new secretaries tweeting their excitement with their new briefs:

Union leader is 'the real winner' of Labour reshuffle

The Conservative party have accused Ed Miliband of using his shadow cabinet reshuffle to please the unions after a series of high profile promotions and demotions.

The Conservative party chairman said that the real winner of the Labour reshuffle was Unite general secretary Len McCluskey.

Len McCluskey is the real winner of this reshuffle. Ed Miliband’s purged the moderates and promoted those who want the same old Labour policy of more spending, more borrowing and more debt.

That’s exactly what got us into a mess in the first place And it’s hardworking people who would pay the price through higher taxes and higher mortgage rates.

If Ed Miliband is too weak to stand up to Len McCluskey, he’s too weak to stand up for hardworking people.

– Grant Shapps, Conservative Party Chairman


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