Call over care worker conditions

The most vulnerable face "neglectful or abusive treatment" because of the poor working conditions their carers have to cope with, a new report has warned. The Equality and Human Rights Commission found workers face inadequate pay and high pressure.

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'Quality of care' primary concern of local councils

Councils are committed to helping people maintain their independence and dignity in old age and provide the best care they can on limited funds, the Local Government Association has said.

A report from the ECHR criticises the poor working conditions facing carers, which they say can lead to neglect and abuse.

As the report acknowledges, the social care system is under enormous strain, with unprecedented cuts to council funding making it increasingly difficult to meet the escalating demand for care which is being caused by our ageing population. While this means councils have to seek greater levels of efficiency, the quality of care remains the primary concern.

– Chairwoman of the Local Government Association's Community Wellbeing Board Katie Hall

Lack of rights creating 'neglectful and abusive' carers

Poor working conditions for carers are leaving the most vulnerable people exposed to "neglectful or abusive treatment" at the hands of those meant to look after them, a new report has warned.

Neglectful and abusive care can be traced back to the stress caused by poor working conditions, a new report has claimed. Credit: PA

Care workers face a combination of inadequate pay, high pressure and a lack of support for looking after the elderly and disabled, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said.

Despite performing a role similar to a nurse, which requires "significant compassion and skill" and "maturity and resilience", carers are usually perceived to be "lower status".

EHRC commissioner Sarah Veale said conditions were contributing to a "high staff turnover" and were "putting older people's human rights at risk".

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