Funeral after fire deaths

About 1,000 mourners are to attend a funeral prayer service for the family of a neurosurgeon who died in a suspected arson attack.

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Father's family 'still with him all the time'

The father and husband of four people who died in a house fire in Leicester has said his family are "still with him all the time".

Dr Taufiq Al Sattar spoke at the funeral of his wife, Shehnila, daughter Zainab, and sons, Bilal and Jamil. They were buried in a cemetery in Dublin, Ireland, where the father worked.

He also added that he believed they were 'waiting for him in paradise'.

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House fire family buried in Ireland

The family have been buried in Ireland Credit: ITV News Central

The burial of four members of the same family has taken place in Ireland. The family were killed in a house fire in Leicester on September 13.

Father, Dr Taufiq Al Sattar was there to bury his family Credit: ITV News Central

Mother, Shehnila Taufiq, who was in her 40s; her daughter, 19-year-old Zainab; and sons Bilal, 17, and Jamil, 15, were buried at Newcastle Cemetary in Dublin.

Family, friends and members of the community were at the funeral Credit: ITV News Central

More than a hundred people, including family, friends and members of the Leicester community where they lived attended the funeral.

More than 100 people attended Credit: ITV News Central

Hundreds of mourners attend funeral for fire family

Mourners stand over a grave at the burial of members of the Al Sattar family, who died in a suspect arson attack in Leicester. Credit: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Hundreds of people attended the janaza service at Warrenstown House in the Blanchardstown area of Leicester.

Dr Muhammad Taufiq Al Sattar told the congregation: "Thank you very much for all of you coming here this morning," he told mourners."It's cold and I appreciate it. I can see many of our Irish friends are here as well."

Dr Muhammad Taufiq Al Sattar at the burial of his family, who died in a suspect arson attack. Credit: Brian Lawless/PA Wire


Father 'a bird without wings' after family's fire death

A grieving father told mourners at a funeral service that he is a bird without wings after his wife and three children were killed in a suspected arson attack.

Neurosurgeon, Muhammad Taufiq Al Sattar , led prayers for his wife Shehnila Taufiq, 47, and their three teenage children, Zainab, Bilal and Jamil in Dublin.

"This is a very sad occasion for me," said Dr Sattar, who works in Dublin's Beaumont Hospital.

"You can say now I am bird without any wings. I have nobody with me now."

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Prayer service for Leicester house fire victims

A special prayer service has been held in Dublin for a mother and her three children, who died in a house fire in Leicester.

Doctor Taufiq Sattar's wife Shehnila, daughter Zainab and sons Bilal and Jamil died four weeks ago.

More than a hundred people traveled from Leicester for the service.

Doctor Taufiq Sattar recited prayers Credit: ITV News Central
Prayers have taken place ahead of a burial service Credit: ITV News Central
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Funeral for Leicester family house fire victims today

Bilal Taufiq was 17 when he was killed in the fire Credit: Pukaar News

The funeral for four members of the same family killed in a Leicester house fire will take place today in Dublin.

Shehnila Taufiq, her daughter Zainab, and sons Bilal and Jamil will be buried in Ireland this morning.

Fifteen-year-old Jamal died in the house fire Credit: Pukaar News

The family died in a fire at their home in Wood Hill on September 13.

Eight men have been charged with murder.

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