Police quizzing terror suspects

Metropolitan Police have released two men who were arrested on suspicion of plotting a terror attack in the UK without charge. A further two men remain in custody and police have until Sunday to release them.

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Police release former terror suspects without charge

Two of four men arrested in a counter-terrorism operation last weekend have now been released without charge, police said.

Scotland Yard said a 28-year-old British national of Azerbaijani origin arrested last Sunday on upmarket Westbourne Grove in west London had been released without charge.

Earlier, a spokesman confirmed a 29-year-old British national of Pakistani origin arrested in Peckham, south-east London, had also been freed.

Two 25-year-olds are still in custody following a swoop where marksmen used special ammunition to stop a car on Mansell Street, near the Tower of London.

Watch: CCTV footage shows west London anti-terror arrest

Police given until Sunday to quiz terror suspects

Counter-terror police made a series of arrests in a dramatic operation across London at the weekend.

Yesterday, officers from Scotland Yard were granted warrants of further detention by Westminster Magistrates' Court and now have until Sunday to question four men.

CCTV footage obtained by ITV News shows police tackling one suspect on upmarket Westbourne Grove in west London.


Terror suspects held over fears of British attack plan

Detectives are questioning a group of suspected Islamist terrorists amid fears the men were plotting to launch an attack in Britain.

ITV News has obtained dramatic CCTV footage of one of a series of arrests across London, in which counter-terror police are seen tackling a 28-year-old suspect on the upmarket Westbourne Grove in west London.

This report is by ITV News UK Editor Lucy Manning:

CCTV footage shows west London anti-terror arrest

ITV News has obtained CCTV footage of one of the four anti-terror arrests in London last night.

The video shows the 28-year-old suspect leaving a Persian restaurant in Westbourne Grove before he and another man are wrestled to the ground by a group of officers.

It is not clear whether the minibus which pulls up to the suspect is a police vehicle. Unmarked police cars attend the scene once the men are apprehended.

The British national, believed to be of Azerbaijani origin, was arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.


Police 'pinned man to the ground' in terror arrest

Ramin Massodi, who witnessed the drama unfold from inside the Persian restaurant where he works, described the suspect arrested in the upmarket Westbourne Grove raid as "handsome", saying: "He definitely didn't look like a terrorist at all."

Mr Massodi said the arrested man had been swooped on by specialist officers in several cars who pushed him up against the glass of the restaurant.

"I heard shouting then I looked outside and saw four cars... and they grabbed him," he said.

Neighbour George Paul, who lived across the street from the restaurant, said he was sitting in his flat when he head the commotion outside."I poked my head out the window - it was dark - but I could clearly see at least three cars," he said.

"They were stopping traffic in all directions. There were two policemen on top of a guy, pinning him down and from what I may have heard, the assailant said in maybe a foreign accent 'please don't break my arm'."

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