45% think lads' mags fuel sexism

A Daybreak survey has revealed almost half of people thought lad's mags, like Nuts and Zoo, encouraged sexism and 77% would not allow their child to buy one. The poll comes ahead of a meeting between MPs calling on shops to stop stocking them.

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Nudity on general display in shops 'not good for anyone'

Lads' mags should not be visible in a shop so children can be protected from nudity they do not understand, a leading journalist told Daybreak.

Eleanor Mills, an associate editor for the Sunday Times, said she did not want to go into shops and explain "a completely naked bottom" to her two children.

"I was in a garage the other day where there was a copy of the Daily Star which had a naked bottom and my three-year-old niece said to me, 'what's that? Why is that lady got her bum out? That, I think, is what people are complaining about.'"

Internet porn much worse than lads' mags, says model

Lads' mags should be left on the shelves as the internet provides "horrific" sexual imagery which is "freely available" for young boys to look at, a former glamour model told Daybreak.

"There's a complete difference to a sexy woman in lingerie on the front of a magazine to hardcore pornography. It is completely different," Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace said.

Woman's groups and MPs will meet later today to discuss lads' mags and are continuing to campaign for Tesco to stop stocking them.


'Over a third' want lads' mags banned from shops

Over a third of people questioned as part of a Daybreak poll on lads' mags want to see magazines like Zoo and Nuts banned from stores.

Protesters picketed Tesco stores in August to urge them to ditch lads mags. Credit: PA

Nearly a third of people thought lads mags were harmful to society and almost half, 45%, believed they fuelled sexism.

A staggering 77% of people questioned would not allow their child to buy one.

The results comes ahead of a parliamentary meeting lead by MP Caroline Lucas, along with women's rights groups UK Feminista and Object, and will strongly criticise Tesco, the UK's biggest retailer, for stocking lads' mags.

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