Police Plebgate meeting apology

Chief Constable David Shaw of West Mercia Police has written to former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell to offer "a profound unreserved apology" over the 'Plebgate' meeting.

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Warwickshire police chief's apology to Andrew Mitchell

Chief Constable Andy Parker from Warwickshire Police

Warwickshire Chief Constable Andy Parker has said he was "embarrassed" that his officers had become involved in a heated anti-cuts campaign in the wake of the Plebgate incident.

"My officers got involved in a political campaign which was ill thought-through and has led to a lot of public confidence issues for us," he said.

"I would certainly like to apologise to Mr Mitchell because this added to the already big impact of the Plebgate campaign and it is embarrassing that my force was involved in the way it was."


New police chief to review 'Plebgate' meeting decision

Andrew Mitchell met the three officers after he was accused of calling officers guarding Downing Street 'plebs' Credit: PA Wire

The chief constable of West Mercia Police has apologised for the findings of an investigation that initially found three Police Federation officers who met Andrew Mitchell had no case to answer for misconduct.

Chief Constable David Shaw has overturned the earlier finding and written a personal letter of apology to the former Chief Whip.

He has asked for another chief constable to be called in to review the decision not to take action against the three officers.

He told the Home Affairs select committee: "Clearly the buck stops with me and I have to be accountable for a huge range of things that go on.

"It's unedifying and it hurts the force."

Police chief: 'It was a personal apology from me'

Chief Constable David Shaw of West Mercia Police has written to former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell to offer "a profound unreserved apology" over the 'Plebgate' meeting.

He told MPs from the home affairs select committee, he wrote a letter on Monday which was "a personal apology from me".

"It was a profound unreserved apology for the impact what has happened has had on him", he added.

No apology from 'Plebgate' meeting officers

Three police officers who have been accused of giving a misleading account of a meeting with former chief whip Andrew Mitchell have defended their actions to MPs.

Police Federation representatives Inspector Ken MacKaill, Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton and Sergeant Chris Jones apologised only for their haste in speaking to the media straight after the meeting in October last year.

They told journalists Mr Mitchell refused to tell them exactly what he said during a foul-mouthed confrontation with officers in Downing Street the previous month.

But they were later accused of misleading the public over the account of the 45-minute meeting, which was recorded by the politician.


Officer: 'I wasn't there to conduct a police interview'

Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton defends the account of the meeting with Andrew Mitchell.

Conservative MP James Clappison has asked three Police Federation officers why they did not ask Andrew Mitchell for more information about the encounter at Downing Street if they were not satisfied with his account.

Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton from Warwickshire Police said: "I wasn't there to conduct a police interview with Mr Mitchell. We were having a meeting to try and clear the air and to try and sort out what had happened".

He added that when they told the media the former Chief Whip has not explained himself properly, what they said was "a reasonable reflection of what we understood had been said in the meeting".

Officer: I gave accurate account of 'Plebgate' meeting

Inspector Ken MacKaill from West Mercia Police

The Police Federation representative, Inspector Ken MacKaill from West Mercia Police, has told MPs, "I do not accept that it was a case of gross misconduct" over its account of a meeting between Andrew Mitchell at which he was present.

He said: "I gave what I believed was an accurate account of the meeting to the media but I subscribe to the apology that I should not have done it in the way I did".

IPCC: 'Plebgate' meeting report was a 'whitewash'

IPCC Deputy Chair Deborah Glass answers questions from MPs

Referring to the findings of West Mercia police investigation into a meeting in the wake of the "Plebgate" scandal between three Police Federation officer and former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell, Michael Ellis MP posed the question "are we dealing with a whitewash here?"

Deborah Glass, Deputy Chair of The Independent Police Complaints Commission, said: "There was certainly. I thought the conclusions were wrong".

Mitchell silent ahead of MPs quizzing 'plebgate' officers

Andrew Mitchell has remained tight-lipped over whether he would hope to be vindicated over the 'plebgate' affair as he arrived at an airport in Washington.

MPs on the home affairs select committee are to question three Police Federation officers accused of misrepresenting the former Chief Whip after a meeting over the incident last year.

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